Minutes of 26 March 2022 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of the Autscape Organisation

Autscape board meeting, 26 Mar 2022 16:00 GMT http://www.autscape.org/organisation/meetings/2022-03-agenda

Meeting opened 1607

Present: Kalen, Martijn, Heta, James, Richard, Trish.Elaine.

Absent: Peter

One observer

Chair: James

1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the 26th February meeting, posted to the list on 24th March.

Carried, 7 for.

2. Ratifications

No ratifications.

3. Proposals

3.1. The Company Secretary proposed that the Board approve the new Booking Policy, posted to the list on 19th March.

3.1 Carried, 7 for

3.2. The Event manager proposed that the board approve the Business plan - Appendix C of the Events policy.

The Chair thanked the organiser team for their hard work on this and said we are later than intended, but nothing that can't be rectified.

3.2 Carried, 7 for

3.3. The Treasurer proposed Elaine Binhammer be granted access to the PayPal account.

3.3 Carried, 7 for

There was mention of the need to have enough people with access in case of sickness or other reasons

the usual person/people can't access the account, and that Elaine will be replacing Peter B

4. Follow-ups

No follow-ups

5. Role reports

5.1 Tech

The Tech Coordinator stated that the certificate problem should be mostly solved now. We're now using zerossl.com as our free certificate provider and he has installed a script to renew it automatically, so that will save us some money. The old webmail program (prayer) is the only thing still not working, probably due to the age of the program and it's inability to deal with newer certificates. He will work on replacing it with something modern, hopefully within a couple of days. Meanwhile if necessary it can be accessed through Outlook or similar and he can help anyone who needs it.

It was confirmed that the proposals are working fine and can be viewed via https://www.autscape.org/proposals/

5.2 Company Secretary

The Company Secretary reported:

5.2.1 It is annual report writing time, she hopes to get it done early.

5.2.2 She needs to delay us bringing in the new membership policy again. This policy ties in with the GDPR and security policy which are not complete. It will also be difficult to bring in a change as we start Autscape. She prefers do defer it until the new year and announce it at the 2022 AGM. She will make a proposal if need be.

She also stated that the security policy would need doing.

5.2.2 Action Martijn to contact Elaine about the security policy

5.3 Chair's Report

The Chair announced that he has decided not to vote first in Board meetings, as he will have the deciding vote, so he will wait till the end or until a majority has been reached.

There was a short discussion on this and concern was expressed that it may signal indecisiveness.

6. Any Other Business

6.1 The Company Secretary proposed that we defer the implementation of the new membership policy until Jan 2023

6.1 Carried, 7 for

6.2 Kalen stated that she wished to be registered with CStar so she can control the meeting when Martijn isn't here. She also stated that we need an extra person who can do things on the website but she doesn't wish to do it. Martijn agreed to deal with this after the meeting.

6.3 The Chair requested that board members and observers not announce anything learned in this meeting to the public. The board has channels for such things to avoid confusion. Although the open part of the meeting is not confidential, it can cause confusion if information goes out unofficially.

6.3 Action - Martijn to ensure Kalen can access CStar

6.3 Action - A second person to be able to update the website

6.4 Heta queried the possibility of an online presentation and Kalen said these requests should be referred to her.

Closed part of the meeting

7. Ratifications

7.1 [confidential item redacted]

7.1 Carried, 7 for

8. Roles

8.1. Honorary Secretary The Chair proposed the board elect a new Honorary Secretary.

Nominations: Trish

Carried, 7 for

The Chair expressed his thanks to Heta for her hard work with the post.

8.1 Action Martijn to give access to Secretary emails

9. Any Other Business

The Chair stated "You all know I'm new to the post of Chair, and I am listening to feedback. However, it will be a bit different from other chair's work, and I need to be able to do it in my own way. If not, I may not be able to do it at all."

The Chair expressed his thanks to Heta for her hard work with the post.

Meeting closed 17:33