About Autscape

Autscape information desk with volunteer on call
The Autscape information desk is where participants can go with questions or problems. Photo by Kalen

Who can come to Autscape?

How long is Autscape?

Autscape lasts for three days, typically (but not always) from a Tuesday afternoon til Friday lunchtime. This is to give enough time for autistic people to adjust and still have time to gain from the experience without spending the whole time coming, going, or orienting.

Where is Autscape held?

We aim to hold Autscape in a quiet and Autistic-friendly environment. The Autscape homepage will have the location and dates when these are known.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to be part of Autscape, please see the home page for how you can become involved, and be sure to join the Autscape Plan mailing list.