The experience

In this part of the site, we'll do our best to describe what it's like to attend Autscape. If you're just curious about Autscape, the About (some history and organisational stuff) and Programme sections would also be useful.

Autistic person with spinning wheel
All sorts of autistic people attend Autscape. Everyone is free to do their own thing. Photo by HP

Who can attend?

Autscape welcomes participants from across the spectrum, and sympathetic non-autistic people (NTs). By the very nature of the event, we are primarily oriented to autistic people's needs and interests, but there is much to be learned and enjoyed for an open minded non-autistic person.

Participants of all ages may attend. Children under 18 may only attend with an adult due to restrictions of the venue. Registration of a child includes participation in our childcare for children 0–16. Teenagers may attend workshops, with their accompanying adult's consent, or attend the childcare programme.

People who need a full time carer (you must bring your own), who don't use speech, or who may otherwise consider themselves 'too severe' are specifically encouraged to attend.

No matter where on or off the spectrum you find yourself, there is no need to be afraid that you won't fit in. Diversity enriches the experience for everyone.

Returning Participant?

There may be a few changes, so it wouldn't hurt to have a look around even if you attended last year. We can guarantee that it won't be exactly the same as last year; the participants, presenters, presentations, and schedule, will all be at least a little bit different.

First Time?

If you have never attended Autscape, you probably have a lot of questions. One way to find out more is to join us on the Autscape Experience email list (registration required). Many of the list members were there in previous years; they will be best able to answer your questions and describe things in terms of a participant's point of view. If you have specific questions about anything to do with the facilities, service, or programme at Autscape, you can write to the organisers.

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