Autscape and autism politics

Autscape is an explicitly non-political organisation. Whilst some people associated with Autscape are also involved in political organisations, Autscape itself is not such an organisation. Autscape was set up to run an annual conference for autistics; that is our sole purpose. Achieving this each year is a remarkably demanding job which takes all the resources the organisers have.

We do insist that presenters acknowledge the right of autistics to exist (so we would not accept presentations focussed on cures or how to make us normal, for example). However, beyond that, Autscape is deliberately tolerant and accepting of different opinions and ideas. We welcome all autistics, whatever their personal views on autism politics (issues such as whether there should be a cure for autism or whether autism is a disability or a difference).

There are other organisations, some of which were begun by people who met at Autscape, which focus on activism. Those organisations exist to pursue goals such as trying to change public policies which affect autistics and influence public opinion. They include Autistic UK (formerly LARM) and Autreach. They are separate organisations from Autscape and Autscape does not endorse them.

Autistic activism is important (that's why there are often presentations about the work of activist groups at Autscape) but activism is not what Autscape does. Autscape exists to create a positive and accepting environment in which autistics can truly be ourselves amongst others who are fundamentally similar.