About The Autscape Organisation

The Autscape Organisation is governed by its Board of Directors, which is elected by the members at the AGM. The AGM takes place at the conference. If you want to join the board, see the Getting Involved page.

Possible additional events

In addition to the main annual Autscape residential conference, other events may be organised from time to time. The Board of Directors commission a Management committee for each event they want to run, lead by an Event Manager. The Board of Directors also consider events other people may want to put on in Autscapes name with Autscapes financial backing.

All Autscape events must be in line with Autscapes Events Policy. If you would like to ask the board for permission to put on your own event in Autscapes name with Autscapes financial back then please see Autscapes Event Management Policy.

What is needed

The board and the working groups and subcommittees have a lot of work to do to make Autscape happen. Broadly speaking, the following tasks must be done.







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