What is Autscape?

Autscape is a conference created primarily for autistic participants. It is also organised and run by autistic people. Autscape is a retreat from the demands of mainstream society and an escape to autistic-friendly space for a few days. This conference will perform many functions as a retreat, an educational conference, a social gathering, and an opportunity for advocacy and networking.

How does Autscape differ from the usual autism conferences?

Autscape really turns the tables on the usual autism conferences! Autistic people are the majority of organisers, presenters, and participants. The environment, schedule, social structure, behaviour expectations, and presentation topics are all designed to encourage full participation of autistic people. The presentations are targeted specifically for autistic people, autistic behaviour and communication styles will be the norm, and autistic needs are taken into account in every aspect of planning. (n.b. This does not mean that the environment at Autscape will be perfect for any, let alone every, autistic person there. That would be impossible.)

Are NTs (non-autistics) in charge of Autscape?

Unlike some other conferences which claim to be "by and for" autistic people, Autscape is not being put on by an NT dominated charity for our benefit. It will not be dominated by presenters who talk about us and our issues, but fail to address us as intelligent and capable individuals. The majority of organisers are also autistic. Autscape is truly organised and run by autistic people.

Why was Autscape started?

Autscape was started out of the desire for an event similar to Autreat, but more accessible to people living in Europe.

It is a unique and independent European event. The first event, held in July 2005, was a stunning success, and there has been a well-attended Autscape every year since. The event has since grown and developed its own ways and traditions.

On May 13th, 2011, Autscape became a UK Registered Charity to guarantee its future stability.