Being a member of Autscape gives you the right to vote at Autscape's Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is usually held during the Autscape conference. The AGM is where major decisions about Autscape's future and governance are taken (such as the election of our board).

You do not need to be a member in order to attend Autscape, although you will be offered the chance to become a member by paying the membership fee in addition to your conference fee when you book. It is also possible to become a member of Autscape at any time by paying the membership fee (please contact if you want to do this). You must be a member of Autscape in order to be nominated for election to the management committee.

Our current membership fee is £5.

How to become a member

Any person aged 18 and above is eligible to become a member of The Autscape Organisation.

Please send a cheque for £5 with a covering letter to:

101 Broad Park Road
Henley Green
United Kingdom

The covering letter should give the following information:

You don't need to say anything else.

Alternatively, you can pay your subscription by transferring money direct into our account using BACS - please contact us for details.