Policy Adopted (links to minutes)
Autscape Participant Confidentiality Policy November 2007
Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy for Autscape July 2008
Autscape's Behaviour Policy May 2022
Health and Safety policy July 2010
CRB disclosure, secure storage retention and handling policy statement October 2010
Care Check: Statement of Fair Processing October 2010
Policy Statement on ex-offenders October 2010
Travel expenses policy December 2010
Decisions of the management committee affecting the working of subcommittees October 2009 & September 2010
Notes for journalists March 2011
Debt policy June 2011
General confidentiality policy June 2011
Policy on directors privacy March 2012
Autscape accessibility policy June 2019
Complaints Policy June 2015
Expenses Policy July 2015
Events Policy March 2023
Lists Policy May 2023
Booking Policy March 2024
Bursary Policy May 2024