Board of directors

All members of the Autscape board are Directors and Trustees of The Autscape Organisation. The directors are elected to three-year terms by the members of the organisation at the Annual General Meeting, which is held at every Autscape conference.

A director's three-year term can start at any year, so not every director's position is up for election each year. This avoids having an all-new board at any given year, which helps ensure a degree of continuity in the organisation's governance.

You have to be a member of Autscape to be eligible to run for the board. You can either be nominated as a candidate by another Autscape member or you can nominate yourself. Every nomination also has to be seconded by another Autscape member. To run for the Board of Directors, submit a nomination while the yearly Call for Nominations is open.


Each year, the Board of Directors divide several roles (primary responsibilities) amongst themselves. Some of these roles have their own job descriptions: Chair, Honorary Secretary, Treasurer and Venue Coordinator.

Other roles consist in chairing and coordinating the activities of their respective subcommittees: Programme Coordinator, Publications and Publicity Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator.

The job of Company Secretary is a special case because they don't have to be on the board of directors, although in practice they usually are.

2022-2023 Autscape Directors

Contacting us

To contact the Board of Directors, please use the appropriate email address from our Contact Us page.