Observing meetings

In the interest of transparency, members of The Autscape Organisation may observe our board meetings, which are held on-line by IRC (Internet Relay Chat). See the calendar for the dates and times.

If you would like to observe a meeting, please first verify whether you're currently a member of the organisation by logging in to your membership page. Then please email secretary@autscape.org with your AUTxxx reference number (which you'll see on that page) and stating your intent to observe the meeting.

If you're not a member or have not let us known in advance of your intent to obseve the meeting, you may be asked to leave the channel.

Upcoming board meetings

Current meeting schedule is the 4th Saturday of the month at 3pm (UK time), barring exceptions. Please see the calendar for current information.

How to observe the meeting

The simplest way is to follow this link:

Then enter a nickname (so others know who you are). It takes several seconds to work.

If you use your own IRC programme, use these settings:


Note: While the meeting is in session, the channel is moderated and only board members will be able to talk. But observers can talk before and after the session, and during the break.

Autscape thanks the StarLink-IRC chat network for graciously hosting the #autscape channel.