Minutes of 22 January 2022 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of the Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: 22nd January 2022

Meeting time: 16:00 GMT

Meeting Chair: James

Present: James, Martijn, Elaine, Trish, Kalen, Heta (from 16:22, item 3.1.)

Absent: Peter

Apologies: Richard

No observers.

1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the 19th December meeting, posted to the list on 21st January.

The minutes were approved, 5 for

2. Ratifications

No ratifications.

3. Proposals

3.1. In accordance with the events policy appendix B the Treasurer proposed that the Autscape organisation will contribute to the Autscape 2022 event.

The motion was not carried, 6 against.

3.2. In accordance with the events policy appendix B, the Treasurer proposed that the organising committee set the fees taking into account that the Autscape organisation wishes to raise the reserves.

The motion was carried, 6 for

3.3. The chair proposed that Jeremy be removed as a bank signatory and Richard given access.

The motion was carried, 6 for

4. Follow-ups

No follow-ups

5. Role reports

5.1 Company Secretary

The Company Secretary reported that the contract had been signed and the deposit paid for Autscape 2023.

5.2 Chair

The Chair reported that it had been fairly quiet, and he was glad that the venue for 2023 had been secured.

6. Any Other Business

No Other Business.

The closed part of the meeting

7. Roles

7.1. EUCAP representative

Fergus had stepped down from the role. The tasks of the EUCAP representative were clarified.

The Chair proposed Elaine as the new EUCAP representative from Autscape

The motion was carried, 5 for.

8. Any Other Business

8.1 The Chair proposed that in addition to the Treasurer, the Chair, Company Secretary and Trish Jubb are signatories to the Autscape bank account

The motion was carried, 6 for.

The meeting was closed at 17:30.