All the money Autscape raises goes into running the best possible Autscape conference for participants and making Autscape a stronger organisation for the future. Our top priorities are to secure the booking at Autscape's next venue by paying a deposit and to keep Autscape's fees as low as possible. The vast majority of autistic people who come to Autscape are on low incomes, as you are probably aware only 6% of diagnosed autistic people are in full time paid employment [source: NAS]. So donations help us to keep Autscape going and to keep Autscape accessible.

Donations also help us to develop what Autscape can offer. Grants and donations have helped us to purchase sensory equipment, offer sensory toys and Autscape merchandise for sale to Autscape participants, make our website more accessible and to become a charitable company. Please give what you can to help us continue to develop Europe's first autistic-run conference.

How to donate

1. PayPal

You can donate by PayPal. Click the button to go to the PayPal website.

2. Cheque

Alternatively, you can send a cheque made payable to ‘The Autscape Organisation’ to the following address. Please let us know if you would like your donation to be anonymous.

101 Broad Park Road
Henley Green
United Kingdom

3. Give as you Live

You can raise money for Autscape when you shop online, without any extra cost to you. The Autscape Organisation has joined the fundraising platform, Give as you Live, which enables thousands of retailers (like Amazon, Tesco, The Train Line, Expedia etc.) to donate to us a percentage (up to 5%) of every online purchase made by yourself or even friends and family. You can shop as usual and feel as secure, but know you are helping Autscape, without it costing any more for your purchase. Joining this is easy and secure.

Visit Autscape's page on Give as you Live and click on "join now". You will be asked for your name and email address and sent an email to complete the process (this will require your surname and password too - however it is possible to just click on Activate rather than signing in). The Give as you Live browser extension can then be installed.

After installing the browser extension, Give as you Live logo will appear on your internet menu bar. Shop as usual and the logo will flash when you shop with one of the retailers in the scheme - if you click it at this point any money you spend online will help raise funds for Autscape.

If you prefer not to install the Give as you Live browser extension, then you can still search for products and buy them through Give as you Live's web site.

If you wish to contribute through this route but are not buying online, it is also possible to donate directly using Everyclick (which is the same company).

Many thanks for your interest in supporting Autscape!