Minutes of 3 December 2022 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of Directors of the Autscape Organisation

Autscape board meeting, 3 Dec 2022 16:00 GMT (17:00 CET, 18:00 EET), http://www.autscape.org/organisation/meetings/2022-12-agenda

Meeting opened, 16:12

Chair: James

Present:George, James, Kacey, Martijn,Richard, Trish

Apologies: Elaine, Heta (both late), David

1. Approvals

1.1 Final draft of the Minutes of the Board meeting held on 24th September 2022 posted to the list again on 29th November 2022

1.1 Carried, 6 for

2. Ratifications

No Ratifications

3. Proposals

3.1. The Company Secretary proposed that the board adopt the job description for the new role of Communications officer - as posted to the list on 18/10/22 (see appendix A)

3.1 Carried, 6 for

3.2. The Company Secretary proposed that the board approve the amended Booking policy - as posted to the list on 18/10/22

3.2 Carried, 6 for (subject to correction of autscape.com to autscape.org)

3.2 - Deferred to list to ensure correction is made

3.3. The Company Secretary proposed that the board approve the amended Complaints policy - as posted to the list on 31/10/22

3.3 Carried, 6 for

4. Follow-ups

4.1 Training for IRC meeting facilitators (Martijn)

Training has not started yet. Volunteers are Kacey, James, Trish, Richard, George.

Martijn stated that he would get the channel re-registered first, and that he is prepared to do more than one day for the training if needed. If re-registering turns out to be a problem we can re-register at another network such as libera.chat.

4.1 Deferred to list, Martijn to email Starlink-IRC admins.

Heta joined the meeting 16:25

4.3. High Net Worth (Richard)

Richard reported: I discussed this briefly with Elaine. It really came down to three things. We don't like asking members for money (though, in IMO, this is asking whether members know of others who could donate, rather than members themselves). Lack of someone to do this properly - we don't have a fundraising person. If a formal application, we often don't satisfy the requirements (though if through friends of family of members this might not be a problem). And as with any large fundraising (I work in charity Finance, BTW), substantial funders usually want to see we’re doing something that wouldn't have happened otherwise).

Formal fundraising applications often have criteria we can't satisfy, but it needn’t be formal.

It was commented that we should discourage people describing Autscape as a "holiday" when it's much more than that for most if not all attendees. It was also mentioned there may be potential for approaching organisations (rather than individuals) for specific funding, e.g. for the PoC bursaries Scottish Autism donated 1000 on the proviso it was used for autistic PoC living in Scotland.

4.3 Richard to ensure funding criteria posted to the list (via Elaine). Further discussion in the informal meeting.

George to post on list re approaching organisations for specific funding.

4.4. Minutes to be uploaded to website (Martijn)

This is currently a year out of date, the biggest problem being remembering to do it. Various people volunteered to help with updates or collating information if practical.

Kacey confirmed they can use a Linux CLI and terminal editor, and edit HTML/XML code.

Martijn agreed to make an event in his calendar and devote Tuesday afternoon to it.

16:38 Kacey left the meeting briefly

4.4 Minutes to be uploaded to website (Martijn with possible others)

4.5. Radio Producer (Elaine/George)

No further updates.

The suggestion was made that only Kate be on site. However we have never stopped a journalist from attending before.

There was a concern about a repeat of a previous experience with filmmakers where they did not follow our rules, however this will be audio only, and arrangements for interviews agreed before Autscape. There was also uncertainty about whether the journalist would attend in that capacity, which would create stress, or just a participant. There was mention of contracts. It was emphasised that anyone should be able to attend as a participant.

16:44 Kacey rejoined the meeting

George is to contact Kate to say that we've approved her, and that any other individuals would have to also be approved (as journalists.)

5. Role reports

5.1 The Chair

The Chair reported: It's been a relatively productive two months with the Board trying out a new way of meeting and making decisions. I'm happy with the developments, but am still keeping an eye out for any weaknesses in the system.

I'm also happy with the engagement of the Board, and I hope we can all sustain this. I haven't made any progress with the Handbook, but it is still very much on my list of things to do, so if anyone wishes to prompt me, please do.

He will be continuing with the Handbook over Christmas.

5.2 Company Secretary

No report

5.3 Treasurer

No report.

5.4 Tech Coordinator

No report.

1716 Elaine joined the meeting.

5.5. Membership Secretary

No report.

4.2 Code of conduct for Board Members (Elaine)

Elaine requested that any more input be put on the list as she hopes to write a draft this month.

4.6 Fundraising Coordinator job description (Elaine)

Deferred to next month.

1721 David joined the meeting

6. AOB

6.1 Trish asked about the meeting scheduled for December and 7th January 4pm was decided upon.

James requested any negative feedback be posted or emailed directly to him if board members don't feel comfortable posting it directly on list.

6.2 Communication from President of Inclusion Europe to Heta.

Heta reported: Sharing communication from the President of Inclusion Europe, to Martijn (with his permission), after he sent her information on Autscape practices. I think this could lead to useful cooperation and improve chances of succeeding in formal funding applications, if we decide to try those.

"I enjoyed meeting you and Heta in Athens and would like to follow up our conversation in whatever way works.

First, I’d like to say the information you provided on Autscape’s approach to accessibility and inclusion is tremendously helpful. The guidance and policies are detailed, practical and thoughtful. It is clear they are informed by experience gained over time. The writing style reflects a genuine desire to make participants feel welcome and comfortable. The programme offers delegates a range of ways to engage with the subject matter and the people, reflecting their diversity.

Conferences I have been involved with in Mencap and Inclusion have adopted similar approaches but never explained as fully as in the Autscape material."

"I can see common themes and also how much still needs to be done to improve the accessibility of events and processes for all. We could benefit greatly from further discussion and exchange of information. As a first step I can share the Autscape guidance within EDF and Inclusion Europe and revive the discussion on standards for meetings and events. EDF has Executive and Board meetings this month which will be a good time to have face to face conversations and look for the best ways to raise the issues. I'd welcome any thoughts on how you think we can progress."

EDF = European Disability Forum

James asked that this be posted to the list as it does look promising.

6.2 Communication via Heta - deferred to list and Heta to post above report.

7. Closed part of Meeting

7.1. [confidential item redacted]

7.2 Election of List Co-ordinator (nb more moderators needed)

Nominations: David

7.2 Carried, 9 for

8. AOB


Meeting closed, 1745