Cancellation & Refunds

This page about Autscape 2018 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

How to Cancel a booking

Leave a note on your booking or email We do not need to know why you are cancelling.

Cancellation Charges

Applying for a refund

If you believe you have an exceptionally good reason for cancellation and need some or all of your fee refunded the procedure is to ask the board of trustees You do this after you cancelled your booking. The board will look at all the applications after Autscape. Please allow them to the end of September to get back to you before asking for an update.

What to include in an application for a fee refund

Email the board of trustees of The Autscape Organisation at the address with the following information.

  1. Who the booking was for.
  2. The booking reference number (if you know it).
  3. When the booking was cancelled.
  4. A statement to confirm that the registrar has confirmed they received your cancellation.
  5. Why you cancelled.
  6. Why you are asking for some or all of your fee back.
  7. How much you paid (if known) and how much you are asking to be refunded.

The earlier people cancel the higher the chance that some of their fee will be refunded. There are no guarantees that any refund will be given.

We advise that you take out holiday insurance.


It may take 28 days to process refunds due after cancellations. Autscape reserves the right to pass bank charges back to you when processing refunds.


People who book in April and May put down a £50 deposit to secure their place (£30 for children). Deposits are not normally refunded. However if you are applying to the board for a bursary, applying for a presenters subsidy by submitting a proposal, applying for a discount for a supporting person, or applying for any other grant, subsidy or discount and you confirm when you book that you will not be able to attend without the funding or subsidy then we will cancel your booking and return your deposit if you do not receive the subsidy or funding. We need to have heard by 23:59 on 30th June.

Deposits are also refunded if Autscape cannot meet the needs you list on your booking form. In these cases Autscape will not accept the booking and will refund any payments made. There may be a delay between us receiving the form and being able to confirm the state of the booking if we need to contact the venue and await their response.

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