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The bursary scheme is run for the benefit of people who who cannot afford Autscape. For example:

The above list is not meant to be a complete list.

The bursary scheme is run by the Autscape Board (the Charity Trustees).

How to Apply

You can do the above steps in whichever order you prefer. At this stage of Autscape booking we advise getting the booking application in first to maximise your chance of a place. Then do the bursary application.

There are different bursary options when you book


The bursary is funded by people paying the higher fee to attend. Autscape does not get any grants or government funding. If you have an alternative way of applying for funding other than the bursaries please use that as a preference. If it falls through let us know and you can then apply for a bursary.


You do not need to declare income if ...

You do need to discuss income when...

To hold your Autscape place while your bursary application is processed you must have submitted the application within two weeks of getting an Autscape place.

Minimum charge

There is a minimum amount everyone has to pay (this is only waived in extreme cases).

For more information about the bursary scheme, its policies and its criteria please see the board's bursary page.