2013 Presentations

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2013 Lectures

Self-advocacy booklet for adults on the autism spectrum

Presenter: Alfie Green

Information: Self-advocacy booklet for adults on the autism spectrum (link updated 24 Sep 2020)

Description: This booklet was designed to help autistic people communicate their needs at formal appointments. This presentation will describe how the booklet was designed with user input. Continuity of information between various professionals can be communicated via this book. There is also a section for criminal justice professionals which has been used by authors of this book in real life situations. The booklet explains autism in a clear and concise way and has sections to complete your own needs. Examples of what to write are included in each section.

From finding a voice to being understood: exploring the double empathy problem

Presenter: Damian Milton

Download: Slides (PDF, 1860K)

Description: This presentation begins with an overview of the double empathy problem theory as devised by the author of this presentation. Issues such as empathy and reciprocity will be explored through the use of examples and interactive activities. This will be followed by examining how autistic voices are presented and perceived within the field of autism studies, and how issues relating to the double empathy problem can act as a barrier to autistic voices being ‘found’, or at least understood on their own terms. This discussion then lays a foundation for an exploration of what counts as, as well as how one acquires, various forms of ‘expertise’, with the view of exploring the perennial topic of ‘who should speak for autistic people?’.

Listening to autistic voices

Presenter: Larry Arnold

Description: Autscape is all about autistic people listening and being heard, but there are other fora where autistic people present. There are some well known speakers such as Temple Grandin and Ros Blackburn, but also many lesser known presenters whose experience is limited to talking to local autistic societies for instance. I want to look at the different ways autistic speakers present at conferences and meetings, the differences between speaking to a primarily autistic audience and of fulfilling NT expectations for instance. This will be interactive as I am offering the chance for people to talk about there own experiences of talking to different audiences and of there experience of listening to autistic speakers.

"Sitting on a rock": exploring what may have been given up for lost

Presenter: Lyte

Description: A lecture and a workshop on the theme 'finding a voice': claiming our Authentic Selves. Can we reclaim some of what may have been compromised or even lost to us in our efforts for Survival? Do we need to reclaim any of those aspects in order to find our own empowered ways to Thrive? This will be a verbal, visually illustrated and possibly multisensory lecture followed up with a hands on workshop. This presentation evolves from the perspective that so many neuro-diverse/autistic people have had to make compromises for survival purposes in an often uncomprehending and relatively hostile space. The possibility is examined that reclaiming such parts of ourselves that we may have compromised and 'shut away' may be essential to our thriving rather than mere 'surviving' - and may (by reclaiming our wholeness) actually empower us, allowing our true nature to come through as authentic beings.

2013 Workshops

Find your voice through self-employment

Presenter: (Name removed at presenter's request)

Description: This practical and interactive workshop will explore the hidden potential within the autism community by taking its participants through a journey of discovering their unique gifts and abilities, and exploring the many ways in which these can be utilised in self-employment. Starting with a conversation about research into self-employment for autistic people, participants will have the opportunity to look into why self-employment could be a suitable choice for someone on the autism spectrum and how our gifts can be of great value to society when combined to create a unique product or service.

When you can't find your voice - using signs and symbols to supplement speech

Presenter: Kalen

Description: This workshop will be about using Makaton signs and symbols as an alternative or supplement to vocal communication. Makaton is a communication system designed to assist those who have communication difficulties. The signs are derived from British Sign Language used by the deaf, but are standardised and applied as a means of supporting spoken language. Makaton also includes picture symbols which are used for communication and for picture schedules and similar. The workshop will consist of an introduction to Makaton and its uses, but the majority of the time will be spent learning and practicing signs from the 'basic signs' in Makaton's vocabulary. Hopefully, all participants will leave knowing at least a few useful signs and recognising a number of symbols.

Finding a voice within organisations

Presenter: Yo

Download: Slides (PDF, 780K); Handout (PDF, 69K)

Description: This workshop aims to provide participants with greater knowledge of how organisations work and help them develop skills likely to improve their ability to gain an effective voice within and through organisations. When autistic people wish to participate in group situations, we can often encounter difficulties 'decoding' the (often unwritten) rules involved. This can act as an obstacle and prevent autistics from finding a voice inside organisations and/or prevent autistics from making the most effective use of organisations to enhance and amplify their voices within the wider community. This workshop aims to help participants overcome this obstacle by increasing understanding and awareness of common rules and procedures and developing the ability of participants to know what questions to ask in order to find out how an organisation works and effectively find a voice within and through that organisation.

2013 Hands-on workshops

Making Conversation

Presenter: Peter Baimbridge

Description: A very simple practical workshop aimed at helping individuals who want to improve their understanding of and confidence in meeting strangers and/or asking for help. Direct and second hand experience has given the presenter some insights into some of the problems many people face meeting new people / making 'small talk' and he has achieved some success helping individuals improve their success rate in this area and their comfort levels while achieving it.

The Colour of In-Between

Presenter: Susy

Description: This workshop makes use of a combination of colour and image to explore the multiple identities that make up our individual characters. It tackles the binary of identities imposed by society and the media and focuses on the 'grey' area in between. The workshop aim is to give autistic participants an opportunity to use colour to re-focus the image of autism, express their voice on their identity/identities, and produce individual or collective images.