2013 Venue

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Ackworth School
Photo: Stanley Walker   License: CC BY-SA 2.0

The venue for Autscape 2013 is Ackworth School, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. See our travel page to learn how to get there.

Please do not contact the venue directly! You will find details explaining how to contact Autscape on our contacts page.

Last updated: 30 May 2013


This is Autscape’s second time at Ackworth, a boarding school which was established in 1779. It is mainly one large complex building. We will do our best to signpost the venue to help you find your way around, but if you find somewhere is not adequately signposted please alert an organiser or use the ‘action needed box’ in the information area to let us know. Remember the building is also new to some of the organisers who also may not be able to instantly answer your questions.

We have explained our communication badge system to the venue staff, so they will expect some people who prefer not to speak and instead use gestures such as pointing to indicate their needs, for example, their lunch choice. It is important to remember that the badge system is new to them; they may make mistakes. Please be patient.


The boarding ‘houses’ are located in the main school building. All doors to the boarding houses are secured by key pad locks. Please do not share your house’s code with anyone who is not staying in your house. While bedroom doors do not lock, there is a locker under the bed which you can use by bringing a padlock. To avoid unwelcome intrusions, bedrooms will not be cleaned during Autscape.

Each house has its own communal bathrooms. You must bring your own towels. There are common rooms, most of which have televisions, and kitchens you can prepare light snacks in. One of these has lockers you can use to store food in, again you need to bring your own padlock. If you are leaving any food in the fridge remember to clearly mark it. Please also remember to tidy up after yourself, wash any dishes you used and take your unused food out of the lockers and fridge before you leave Autscape.

Buildings and grounds

The presentations will take place in the music centre which is about five minutes walk from the dining room. Classrooms and common rooms in the main building will be used for discussions and other activities requiring smaller rooms.

Ackworth School has a 25m indoor heated swimming pool. We will have access to this on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon (hours yet to be confirmed). There will be two lifeguards on duty while the pool is open. There are also table tennis facilities.

The grounds include courtyards, lawns, gardens, picnic tables and playing fields.


Quiet room:
There will be a designated quiet room near the main presentation room where you can go to relax and ‘chill out’ if things are getting too much. No interaction or unnecessary noise is permitted in the quiet room and there will be some quiet sensory equipment in this room to help you relax.
Sensory room:
There will be a room which contains some sensory equipment Autscape has purchased. Please treat the equipment with respect. We do not expect the sensory room to always be a quiet escape, but it is likely to have designated times for silence and noisy activity.

Local area

There is a Co-operative supermarket about half a mile from the venue and a petrol station with a shop, a fish and chip shop and a pharmacy slightly closer. The pavements to the shops are narrow in places. There is a bus stop across the road from the school.