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This is an overview of our cancellation process. The full binding text will be in the registration system.

We need to make some changes to our cancellation policy this year. In previous years we have found that a number of people cancel just before the end of the period for refunds. When too many people cancel this late we cannot fill the places. People who were queueing for places cannot always come this late on as they don't have time to get the money together or the transport costs have increased and we may not have time to ask everyone who expressed interest in coming or re-advertise the places as we have venue deadlines to meet. As soon as we fill up some people stop applying for places. We don't always have a queue long enough to fill all the cancelled places.

Registration will close on 16 June. All payment must be received by 19 June.

The cancellation policy refers to the money you paid to Autscape for the Autscape conference. If you booked any extras they will have their own information on their pages. For Autscape 2017 we have extra fees for travel and early arrival for the trampolines.

If you cancel in May:
There is an administration fee of £20 per booking. You will be refunded the rest of your conference fee. Please allow up to 28 days for your refund.
If you cancel in June or July:
There is no right to refund however we will try to refill any places which are cancelled in order to give a partial refund to people who cancelled in this period. There is an administrative fee of £20 per booking. We won't be able to let you know how much we can refund you until after Autscape.
If you cancel in August:
There is no right to a refund however if we are fortunate enough to find someone to fill the place right at the last moment we will be able to consider a partial refund at the board's discretion. We won't be able to let you know how much we can refund you until after Autscape.


The earlier we hear of cancellations the more chance we have of refilling the place.

We advise that you take out an insurance policy to cover the event. If you already have UK annual holiday/travel insurance it is worth checking that first as some policies do cover trips within the UK, but some do not.


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Transferring places

Sometimes we are asked if someone can transfer their place to a friend instead of cancelling it to avoid the cancellation fee. Yes you usually do this; we don't mind. It is a private agreement between you and your friend. However please check first that we can accommodate the new person.

Contact The earlier you do this the more likely it is that we can change things so we can accommodate your friend's needs.

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