Arranged transport

This page about Autscape 2017 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

Autscape Arranged Transport

This page is about the transport Autscape arranges from the train station to the venue. If you want to make your own way by bus or are driving please check our travel page.

Autscape will be arranging for transport between Northampton train station and the venue for a small additional fee. The venue is about four miles from the station. We do not have many details about this yet.

Transport supplement £7.80 return per person. People who are arriving early will be making their own way to the venue. If you only need transport on one of the two days then your fee is £4.80. If you subsequently book for the second travel run we need another £4.80 please. The return fee is reduced for our benefit. Please be clear when you are booking whether you are booking for the Tuesday or Friday.

Payment for transport can be made by cheque, bank transfer or paypal (upon request). It is helpful if you state which payment method you prefer to use when you book your transport. To book leave a note on your booking page.

Tuesday 8th August

Transport will run from the train station to the venue from 2:45pm to 4:30pm (Autscape starts with registration at 3pm). It is helpful if you can let us know when you expect to arrive at the station. You do this by going to your booking page.

Friday 11th August

The venue ask that all participants leave the site after lunch by 2pm. We estimate running the transport back to the train station at around 1:45pm to 2:15pm. We may run some transport before lunch if there is advance demand.

All payment must be made in advance. Book by leaving a note on your booking page and you will be sent how to pay information. In your email please state how you wish to pay: cheque (up to 10 July), bank transfer or Paypal.


Travel must be booked and paid for by 18 July. After this there are no refunds even if you subsequently don't use the service. This is because your place is already paid for.

If you book travel after 18th July you will be fitted in only if there is space. You will be a lower priority than those who have already booked. This may result in you having to wait longer for your turn regardless of your train times.