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Autistic adults, family members, and friends participating in their own right.

Low Income

Participants on a low income, such as means-tested state benefits. We may ask for proof of this. We expect you to be honest about paying the concessionary rate only if you qualify. Future Autscapes could suffer if there is abuse of this system.


People attending in a professional capacity.


The carer's rate is only for full time carers attending exclusively to support a participant who could not participate without full time assistance. Carers are expected to attend workshops and activities together with the person they are caring for.

Secondary (12-17)

Young people in full time secondary education, including sixth form.

Primary (5-11)

Primary school age children. Children this age must be in the childcare programme or supervised by their parents at all times.

Pre-school (under 5)

Children who have not yet started school (in the UK system) or are age 4 or less on 7 August 2007. Children this age must be closely supervised as the grounds are large and there are many unfamiliar people around.

Registration for Autscape 2007 is now closed.

You can still log in to view your existing bookings.

The deadline for registration was 15 July (or 30 June if you require a special diet, are bringing children, or applying for a bursary).

Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment in full.

You can request assistance by writing to the Autscape Registrar.

Autscape welcomes participants from across the spectrum, and sympathetic non-autistic people. By the very nature of the event, we are primarily oriented to autistic people's needs and interests, but there is much to be learned and enjoyed for an open minded non-autistic person.

Participants of all ages are welcome to attend, but children and young people under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Childcare is provided for children up to 16 during daytime workshop hours at a ratio of 1 childcare worker to 6 children.

People who need a full time carer, who don't use speech, or who may otherwise consider themselves 'too severe' are specifically encouraged to attend. No matter where on or off the spectrum you find yourself, there is no need to be afraid that you won't fit in. Diversity enriches the experience for everyone.

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Registration Fees

(see note on the right)
Residential1 Days Only2 (per day)
Normal Low Income Normal Low Income
Standard £185 £155 £50 £45
Professional £270 N/A £80 N/A
Carer £140 £120 £40 £35
Secondary (12-17)3 £120 £100 £35 £30
Primary (5-11)3 £100 £80 £30 £25
Pre-school (0-4)3 £80 £60 £25 £20
  1. Residential: Residential rates include a shared room and 3 meals per day. Due to issues around allocating and sharing rooms, all residential participants must register and pay for the entire 3 days' conference. If you wish to attend less than the full conference, you must make other arrangements for accommodation and transport and calculate the fees based on the Days Only rates.
  2. Days Only: Day delegate rates include lunch and supper and are calculated on a per-day basis.
  3. Secondary, Primary, and Pre-school Children: Children's rates include participation in our childcare programme. Teenagers up to age 16 may join the childcare programme, or attend workshops with their accompanying adult's consent.

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Additional Charges & Discounts


Transport will be available from Bath Spa station at £10.00 per person (£5.00 for children age 5-17) return. A coach will depart from Bath Spa Station at around 4pm on Tuesday 7 August, and will arrive back at the station at around 2:30pm on Friday 10 August. If you need further information about travelling to Autscape, please contact the registrar.

Single Rooms

A limited number of single rooms are available for an additional fee of £20. They will be allocated on the basis of need and in the order of registration. If we cannot allocate a single room, the surcharge will be refunded. If you have a medical reason for requiring a single room, you will not be charged the supplement. However, please note that you may be requested to submit some evidence of the medical need (e.g. doctor's letter).


Camping spaces are limited and, due to pitch fees charged by the venue this year, we cannot offer any discounts to campers. If you would still like to camp, please indicate on your application form.


Facilities for self-catering may be available for a limited number of people who require a particularly restrictive or complicated diet. If you need to self-cater because we cannot meet your dietary needs, your registration fee will be discounted accordingly.


Participants attending for days only may request breakfast for an additional cost of £3, provided the kitchen is informed by supper time the previous night.

Work Shift Rebates

Participants can earn a £10 rebate by doing 2-3 hours worth of volunteer work before, during, and/or after Autscape, such as:

If you are interested, please let us know, and we will contact you with more information after you register.

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A limited number of bursaries may be available, but are unlikely to be as generous as last year. If you are going to find paying for Autscape difficult, please look for funding elsewhere as well. Please also note that last year's bursary recipients are less likely to be successful.

If you are applying for a bursary from Autscape, you will be required to submit some evidence of your income (e.g. benefit letters, wage slips). For more information, please contact the Bursary Officer.

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