2024 Schedule

Everything at Autscape is completely optional. You are not obliged to attend anything, communicate with anyone (unless you are a parent or carer), or participate in any way. If you are interested in doing things, there is plenty going on throughout the day, serious, fun, structured and unstructured.

Main programme schedule

The schedule below is provisional and still subject to change. Exact times are yet to be determined and will appear here when known. Click on the titles fore more about each presentation. (Last updated: 27 May 2024)

Thursday 29th August

Main Conference HallHow to love your work: Breaking down what makes great employment – David Thorpe
Main Conference HallThe Joy of Engineering – Barnabear
Derbyshire HallExploring Artificial Intelligence tools for Autistic Joy – Sara Rocha
Derbyshire HallFinding joy through sport – The Neurodiverse Sport Team
Derbyshire HallMusic, word-sounds and the taste of languages: vocal stims and autistic joy – Max Marnau
Main Conference HallThe Flux – Kate Fox

Friday 30th August

Main Conference HallApplied Needs Analysis - neuroinclusive support for autistic people – Joanna Ławicka
Derbyshire HallWriting workshop – Courtney Ward
Main Conference HallSensory joy to the rescue: emotional containers and portable safe spaces – Alicja Nocon
Derbyshire HallCreating a Sensory Experience and Special Interest Toolkit – Saffron (date not yet confirmed)
Main Conference HallDancing together – a toolkit – Corsin Gaudenz (date not yet confirmed)

Saturday 31st August

Derbyshire HallDrama Workshop Exploring Autistic Joy – Jess Garner
Main Conference HallExperiences of Autistic Joy - findings from a participatory research project – Elliot Wassell
Main Conference HallPanel Discussion