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Cannot afford to come to Autscape? We may be able to help you with a kind of financial assistance called a bursary.

What is covered

In accordance with the Bursary policy, the board have decided that Bursaries for Autscape 2022 will:

A bursary will not cover the full amount of the fee. You will also have to justify why you would like a bursary. However, we will not expect you to list all your income and outgoings. We have made this as simple as possible on the application form.

In most cases bursaries will be set amounts and we anticipate awarding 20 bursaries of between £100 and £50.

The bursary committee will also consider travel expenses as a reason for needing a fee bursary but it will not be able to provide travel expenses as a separate award.

A bursary will not usually be awarded if you have had a bursary in the last two Autscapes.

How to apply

You should apply for a bursary before you book a place that is dependent on a bursary. You will be notified of the outcome by the Bursary committee and then you will be able to book.

To apply for a bursary either fill in the bursary application form or contact the chair of the bursary committee for help.

The bursary application form is available to download here. Unfortunately we cannot process it via our website. Please fill it in, save changes, and email the filled-in PDF form to jampel@autscape.org. Alternatively, you can print it, fill it in by hand, and either scan or post it.

To contact the chair of the bursary committee, email James at jampel@autscape.org or you can write to our address.

Applications should be made by 2nd July 2023.

What happens after

The bursary committee will consider all applications at the same time and allocate funds.

The chair of the bursary committee will inform you if you have been successful in your application for a bursary and the amount of the award. They will also inform you how to register so the registrar can adjust your fee accordingly.

Funds are limited and to enable as many people as possible to benefit from a bursary please only apply for the amount you would ‘need’ to enable you to go to Autscape.

Please note the above amounts are not restricted and the committee may vary the amount given.

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