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Day Booking Information

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Fees for non residential, one and two days

How to Book

Fill in the booking form. Provide a statement to say you commit to paying within 48 hours if you are offered a place. Only Paypal payments are accepted at this late stage.

Booking form

What's included

Non residential tickets include all meals.

At the morning and afternoon breaks there will be hot drinks and cake or biscuits. Breakfast is served unti 8:30am. It is in the same building as registration.


You need to register on site on your first day. Here you will receive your conference pack which includes your name badge and interaction badge.

There is more information about what to do when you arrive over here.

First Presentation

What time does the first presentation start at?

Provisionally the first presentation starts at 9:00am on Wednesday and Thursday and at 9:30am on Friday.

Questions: Please contact

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