This page about Autscape 2018 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.
Note: Proposals for Autscape 2018 are now closed.

Please contact the programme coordinator if:

We are now accepting proposals for all types of presentations for the main programme at Autscape 2018.

Note: For now, we're only soliciting proposals for a subsidised presentation for the main Autscape programme. (See the Call for Proposals for more information.) If you would like to offer an informal activity or session, please wait; we will ask for those separately later. If you have any questions, please send them by email to Thanks in advance for your interest.

How to submit a proposal

Before sending your proposal, please read the Call for Proposals which explains what we are looking for. When you are certain you have an idea that is appropriate for the Autscape conference, proceed to the online form to submit your proposal.

Please fill in a separate form for each presentation you would like to propose.

Deadlines for Proposers/Presenters: 2018

Date Item
Now Read about what we're looking for and submit your proposal using the online submission form.
Wednesday 7 March Proposals open
Monday 16 April Proposals deadline
Wednesday 16 May Submitters informed of the acceptance or non-acceptance of their proposal into the programme
t.b.a. Presenters informed of place in schedule
t.b.a. Presenters submit handouts for copying
Tuesday 28 August – Friday 31 August Autscape!