Cookies are pieces of information held on your computer at the request of a web site. This site uses cookies for two purposes:

To remember the web site colour scheme and the sitemap style.
The name of the colour scheme you select (from the colours menu on every page), as well as your preferred sitemap style, are stored in a cookie with the name "style".
To implement a registration and login system for accessing restricted content, including the conference booking system.
When you log in, the system will set three cookies with the names "autscapelogin" and "autscapegroups" in your web browser in order to keep track of your session. They will be automatically removed when you log out or quit your web browser application. As long as you are not logged in to your account, Autscape does not track you by any means.

Autscape does not share cookies with third parties.

Managing your cookies

You can disable cookies in your browser, but if you do so you will not be able to access any restricted content. More fine-tuned cookie controls are also available.

To learn how to manage your cookies and inspect the data contained in them, please see the help or documentation that comes with your web browser. Here are some cookie documentation links for popular web browsers: