Minutes of October 2010 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: Sunday 17th October 2010
Meeting time: 1pm

Present: Elaine, Martijn, Peter, Stephen, Trish, Yo.  Late: Kalen

1.      The committee unanimously ratified decisions made over the last 
month on the committee email list to:

1.1.   Approve the minutes of the September meeting (as posted to the list 
on 16/09/10)

1.2.   Approve the revised August minutes (as posted to the list on 

1.3.   Agree that the 2011 Autscape theme will be 'Owning Autism' (Which 
achieved 4 votes in the poll on the committee list, the second choice 
achieved 3 votes)

1.4.   Appoint Kalen, Yo, Trish and Elaine as members of the trustee 
clearance/CRB decisions working group and Yo and Elaine as disclosure 

1.5.   Adopt the policy statement on ex-offenders, the secure storage, 
retention and handling policy statement and Care Check's fair processing 
policy in relation to the handling of CRB disclosures.

2.      Proposals

2.1.   The committee agreed (unanimously) in principle to operate a rolling 
rota for 1-month interim chairs (to run from one meeting to the next) whilst 
Autscape is considering options for a permanent chair. Sufficient committee 
members volunteered and the rota details will be discussed on the committee 
email list.

3.      Follow ups (3.1 and 3.2 were inadvertently reversed from the agenda 

3.1.   Co-options. Kalen reported that she has been unable to make further 
progress for various reasons. Two committee members offered assistance with 
issues where that would be helpful and further discussion was deferred to 
the list.

3.2.   Venue decision. Peter reported further delays in attempting to get 
dates from Stonar due to their building works. He also proposed dates for a 
further venue visit. After a brief discussion of availability, the timing of 
a venue visit was deferred to the list. There was some further discussion of 
the uncertainty surrounding a venue for 2011 and the need for contingency 
plans. The committee agreed unanimously: To attempt to resolve the issue of 
a venue for 2011 as soon as practicable. Steps to be taken: Kalen to 
investigate alternatives and report back by a week before the next meeting. 
Peter to keep committee informed about dates from Stonar.  Ammerdown to be 
kept as fallback as long as possible.

4.      Roles and responsibilities

4.1.   There were no candidates for the role of chair at this time.

4.2.   There were no candidates for the role of vice chair at this time.

4.3.   Stephen was appointed as vice treasurer (6 in favour, 1 abstention)

4.4.   Elaine was appointed as assistant secretary (6 in favour, 1 

5.      Subcommittee progress reports

5.1.   Venue. Peter had nothing further to report (see 3.2 above). Kalen 
reported she has not yet started on the venue search for 2012 but expects 
the enquiries she will be undertaking under 3.2 above will contribute and 
she will attempt to get the SC working on this in the coming month.

5.2.   Tech. Peter had nothing to report.

5.3.   Publications/publicity. Martijn had nothing to report.

5.4.   Constitution. Yo reported that she had tried to get an initial 
discussion going, but lost impetus after no-one responded. She will try 
again to get the SC going in the coming month.

5.5.   Fundraising. Yo reported that she had tried to get an initial 
discussion going, but lost impetus after no-one responded. She will try 
again to get the SC going in the coming month.

5.6.   Youth. Elaine had nothing to report.

5.7.   Programme. Trish reported that the theme decision is finished but 
took far longer than anticipated. She now intends to report back to the SC 
and start up on anything else outstanding.

6.      Key position progress reports

6.1.   Venue Co-ordinator. Peter had nothing further to report (see 3.2 

6.2.   Treasurer. Peter reported that Ammerdown have been paid for Autscape 
2010. He also noted that bank seem to have dropped his new account request 
for The Autscape Organisation, but he has prompted them.

6.3.   Company Secretary. Yo reported that she has attempted (twice) to get 
individual committee members to confirm their agreement to the committee 
policy which was approved at the last meeting. However she has so far had 
only one response. She intends to make further attempts to get everyone to 
respond. Yo also reported that the CRB working group now exists and that 
Autscape is registered with the umbrella organisation. She has achieved 3 
sets of IDs and has 4 more to go (plus any further cooptions). She 
identified that she still needs to do some training with the working group 
and actually start applying for the disclosures.

6.4.   Chair. There was no report this month due to the post of chair 
remaining vacant.

7.      There was no other business.