Autscape is a conference with a difference. Rather than talking to a primarily non-autistic audience about autism, this conference is specifically by and for autistic people. Some of it isn't even about autism at all! Non-autistic people are also welcome, but the environment and content of the event are centred around autistic people’s needs, interests and sensitivities.

Autscape lasts three days in which there are workshops, leisure activities, social opportunities, and more, all specifically oriented to the needs and preferences of autistic people.


14 December 2015


Autscape 2016 has provisionally been booked for August 16-19th 2016 (Tuesday - Friday) at Giggleswick School in Yorkshire.

Reason for choosing Giggleswick school: At the moment Autscape's income is under 25K per year. Due to increasing numbers and inflation our income is increasing each year. We use our income to pay for the Autscape event and the venue. Most of it goes to the venue.

Charities with an income over 25K have to meet a stricter regulatory regime. To meet these legal requirements the board needs to focus its efforts this year on making Autscape's processes more robust.

As a new venue takes up a lot of board time we needed to choose a venue we had used before. Giggleswick is the only venue that is familiar to us, accepting, large enough to maintain our existing numbers and low enough on price that we can keep our income under 25K again this year.

We have taken steps to ensure that we will have some ground floor bedrooms and accessible accommodation this time and the advantage of knowing a venue means the board can work it to our advantage and overcome some of the problems we encountered last time.

We hope to open for registration in Spring 2016.

25 October 2015 If you think you have left something of importance at Autscape, please contact us at with a description rather than contacting the venue directly. We have retrieved a few items, including a pendant, from the 2015 venue.

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