Minutes of September 2010 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: Wednesday 15th September 2010
Meeting time: 1pm

Present: Elaine, Kalen, Martijn, Peter, Trish, Yo. (Stephen was present as
an observer and was allowed to speak on several occasions in order to
volunteer for future roles)

1       Announcements

1.1.    Having been appointed interim Chair at the last meeting,
        Kalen announced that she is no longer willing to continue in that role
        beyond the end of this meeting.

2       Ratifications

2.1.    Minutes of August meeting - item skipped (will be reviewed on list)

2.2.    The committee ratified its decision to ask Aspects Care Ltd.
        to carry out CRB checks on proposed trustees at a cost of 
        £5 per application 

3       Proposals

3.1.    The committee agreed unanimously to co-opt Stephen Miller as a
        director of Autscape and member of the current management
        committee with effect from the end of this meeting.

3.2.    The venue coordinator reported that Autscape has a firm
        offer of Ammerdown (22 Aug), and a reasonably strong offer from Stonar
        School (dates to be decided at the end of the month). Ammerdown will
        be more expensive than this year, by a significant margin. Stonar is
        much cheaper - on a par with Emmaus. Kalen commented that it is
        extremely problematic to choose between venues without knowing the
        dates available at each. Yo agreed but was concerned about leaving the
        decision any longer. Trish asked whether it was likely that Autscape
        could obtain funding to help lower fees (which might make Ammerdown
        more feasible). Yo (as sc-fund chair) responded that this is extremely
        unlikely. There was a consensus that insufficient information is
        available to make a clear decision and the issue was deferred for
        review by 30th September. 

3.3.    The committee delegated Yo, if any difficulty should arise in
        executing 2.2 above, to find a suitable CRB umbrella organisation and
        initiate the process provided the cost does not exceed £100. (Unanimous)

3.4.    The committee agreed to refocus Autscape-plan as a general list for
        notification and consultation of those interested in Autscape as an
        organisation. Kalen noted that the reason for this is that active work
        by non-committee members now happens on subcommittees. (Unanimous)  

3.5.     The committee agreed to proceed with allowing under 18s to join
        sc-youth on the basis discussed on list (hidden e-mail addresses) and
        that it was unnecessary to ask the Company Secretary to seek specific
        legal advice before doing so. (Unanimous) 

3.6.    The committee agreed to ask the company secretary to set up a
        register of directors' interests. (Unanimous) In discussion it was
        clarified that this was intended to be available to directors only (as
        it would contain personal information) and that this would ensure the
        committee as a whole is aware of any such issues. Peter queried
        whether such conflicts would be minuted if raised in a meeting. Yo
        clarified that the existence of a conflict and the decision taken to
        resolve it would be minuted but that the precise nature of the
        conflict need not be. 

3.7.    Subcommittee membership.

3.7.1.  The committee discussed a proposal to limit subcommittee membership to
        Autscape members. Yo argued that this would allow Autscape to know the
        identities of subcommittee members and that it was reasonable for a
        membership organisation. The issue of the current high level of
        non-members attending Autscape and the reasons for low membership
        rates were discussed. Several complications and concerns were raised
        and some committee members were keen to facilitate the widest possible
        membership of subcommittees and uncomfortable with imposing any
        restrictions. It was agreed to defer the issue for further discussion
        and to revisit it at the next meeting.

3.7.2.  The committee unanimously agreed that membership of sub-committees is
        at the discretion of sc chairs provided: a) that their decisions are
        reasonable and in the interests of Autscape; and b) any decision to
        deny membership, sanction, suspend or remove an sc member is reported
        to the Chair (or the full board in the absence of a Chair) within 72
        hours. In discussion it was clarified that personal grudges would
        absolutely not considered a reasonable reason and that the purpose of
        reporting to the Chair/board is to require another perspective. [Yo
        explained that the thinking behind this is *not* to reduce the current
        inclusivity in any way but merely to ensure that some mechanism exists
        to prevent the actual work of a subcommittee being disrupted by an
        individual, to allow sc-chairs to limit the size of very large Scs to
        manageable levels etc.]

3.8.    Chat list moderation

3.8.1.  The committee unanimously agreed to appoint Kalen, Trish and Stephen
        as moderators of autscape-chat.

3.8.2.  Moderation powers. The committee unanimously agreed to give moderators the power to
        moderate the entire list and to hold all post on a specific topic
        pending a decision by the committee on the appropriate next
        steps. During discussion it was clarified that this power did not
        allow moderators to hold the posts of selected individuals but only of
        the entire list. The committee decided to limit the time within which a committee
        meeting should be held to 48 hours. (5 for 48, 1 for 72) The committee unanimously agreed that, if no committee decision is
        possible within the time limit, the chair has the power to either
        extend the limit further or make an executive decision to resolve the

4       Approvals

4.1.    General Confidentiality Policy. During the discussion it was clarified
        that it is intended to revisit this policy during the coming year. Yo
        clarified that the purpose of this agreement in this form is to give
        Autscape the ability (at least in theory) to sue a director (former
        director) who breaches committee confidentiality (other than in the
        ways allowed by the policy) in the future. Trish queried whether this
        talking to immediate family/support workers would still be allowed. Yo
        clarified that the policy is not intended to prevent informal support
        of that type provided the committee member respects any request from
        the committee to cease doing so in a particular instance. Yo also
        clarified that this policy is intended to be a formalisation of our
        existing customs. On this basis, the committee decided to adopt the
        draft General Confidentiality Policy (4 in favour, 1 against, 1

5       Roles and responsibilities

5.1.    There were no volunteers for the role of Chair

5.2.    The committee appointed Kalen to the role of 2012 venue search
        coordinator (5 in favour, 1 abstention)

5.3.    After a brief discussion of the existing responsibilities of the two
        candidates, the committee appointed Kalen to the role of registrar (5
        in favour, 1 abstention)

5.4.    Martijn stated that he might consider the role of Vice Chair. A
        decision on this role was deferred to the list due to shortage of time.

5.5.    Stephen volunteered for vice treasurer. A decision on this role was
        deferred to the list due to shortage of time.

5.6.    There were no volunteers for the role of assistant company
        secretary. A decision on this role was deferred to the list due to
        shortage of time.

6        Key position progress reports

6.1.     Trish (programme coordinator) reported that the presenter thank you
        letters have been sent, a shortlist of themes has been sent to the
        committee and that she intends to initiate a discussion and vote on
        that. No decision has yet been made about the applicability of the
        participant confidentiality agreement to sc-prog. 

6.2.    The venue coordinator confirmed that there were no urgent matters to

6.3.    The treasurer confirmed that there were no urgent matters to report.

6.4.    The company secretary confirmed that there were no urgent matters to report.

6.5.    The chair apologized for being unable to offer to continue as interim
        chair but made it clear that she is still available to advise. On
        behalf of the committee, the company secretary thanked the chair for
        her work to date.

7       Any other business

7.1.    There was a brief discussion of the feasibility of Stephen becoming a

Meeting closed.

[Following the meeting there was a brief discussion of the need to agree
individuals to chair upcoming committee meetings and the following schedule
was agreed: October - Trish; November - Martijn; December - Peter.]