Minutes of November 2010 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes
Meeting date: Wednesday 17th November 2010
Meeting time: 1pm

Present:  Martijn, Kalen, Peter, Stephen, Trish, Yo.  Late: Elaine

1.      The committee unanimously ratified decisions made over the last
month on the committee email list to:

1.1.   Approve the minutes of the October meeting (as posted to the list
on 24/10/10)

2.      Follow ups

2.1.   Stonar. Peter reported that he had contacted Stonar again but 
continued to be unable to offer us definite dates. He recommended that we 
don't consider them for this year given the existence of a promising 
alternative. It was agreed that Stonar be considered in the future whilst 
bearing in mind the problems caused by delays this year.

2.2.   Co-options. Kalen had forgotten to give details to Trish and 
therefore no further co-options had been made. In light of the fact that 
getting CRB checks completed was urgent, Martijn volunteered to prompt Kalen 
into sending Trish the information as soon as possible.

3.     Proposals

3.1.   To book Ackworth school as the venue for Autscape 2011. There was 
some discussion regarding the dates and the possibility of booking the 
Sunday before to give more time for setting up. It was agreed unanimously 
that Ackworth becomes the venue for 2011 with further discussion on the 
dates to take place in 3.2.

3.2.   To consider the dates for Autscape 2011. The following options were 
put forward:

a) Monday, 22 August to Thursday, 25 August;
b) Tuesday, 23 August to Friday, 26 August; or
c) Friday, 26 August to Monday, 29 August (bank holiday weekend)

Yo suggested we agree to book 22-25 unless there is a problem around access, 
in which case the issue would need to come back to the list as the solution 
then depends on the exact nature of the problem. Kalen then suggested a 
fourth option for dates, which would be to make Autscape a day longer and go 
26-30. It was thought this would solve the problem of ending on a bank 
holiday and therefore solve the problem of travel. There was a lengthy 
discussion regarding the cost and implications of an extra day including the 
possibility of partial residential. The committee voted 6 for a, 1 for d. 
Decision: (a) Monday, 22 August to Thursday, 25 August.

3.3.   To reconsider the post of Venue Coordinator 2010-2011 in the light of 
the above (Peter was appointed interim subject to venue decision). Kalen 
volunteered and the committee voted to appoint her with 6 for and 1 

3.4.   To appoint an assistant Venue Coordinator 2010-2011. Volunteers Trish 
and Elaine. After some discussion a vote was taken. 4 for Elaine, 1 for 
Trish, 2 abstentions. Elaine was appointed assistant Venue Coordinator.

4.     Subcommittee progress reports

4.1.   Venue (inc. 2012 search). Kalen said she needed to get started on the 
beginnings of searching for 2012 and building a relationship with 2011 but 
she needed to book 2011 in the first instance.

4.2.   Tech. Peter had nothing to report.
4.3.   Publications/publicity. Martijn had nothing to report.
4.4.   Constitution. Yo had nothing to report.
4.5.   Fundraising. Yo had nothing to report.
4.6.   Youth. Elaine had nothing to report.
4.7.   Programme. Trish had nothing to report.

Kalen then gave each SC chair some guidance as to what they need to be doing 
now that a venue has been agreed.

5.         Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

5.1.      Venue Co-ordinator. Peter reported he had nothing to report (since 
he was until now the Venue-Co-ordinator.

5.2.      Treasurer. Peter reported that a former committee member has not 
presented a coherent set of receipts, and has decided to donate the 
merchandise that was sold. He also reminded everybody to keep receipts for 
anything they wished to claim back as we need to show that we aren't 
personally benefiting from the charity and the receipts are how we show that 
the payments to the committee are for legitimate expenses.

5.3.   Company Secretary. Yo reported that we've made progress on the CRB 
process, but some people still haven't done it. She also reported struggling 
to get agreements to the committee confidentiality agreement (Kalen, Peter 
and Martijn still outstanding). In addition Yo and Kalen were going on a 
training course in London on Nov 30. She also stated that she aimed to have 
the CRBs finished by Christmas at the latest and the charity application in 
soon after.

5.4.   Chair (Trish as interim Oct-Nov chair). Nothing to report.

6.     Any other business.

6.1.   Kalen proposed that given the size and complexity of the venue 
(therefore setup time) if the venue is not accessible for at least 4 hours 
prior to registration opening, that she book 23-26 August instead (when it 
is already known to be available beforehand). She suggested that if it's any 
more complicated than that she would come back to the committee with it. 
After a lengthy discussion, the proposal was approved with 4 for, 2 against, 
1 abstention.

Meeting closed at 3pm