Agenda for October 2010 meeting

1.      Ratifications

1.1.   Minutes of September meeting (posted 16/09/10)

1.2.   Revised August minutes (posted 05/10/10)

1.3.   Theme decision - Owning Autism

1.4.   Membership of trustee clearance/CRB decisions working group (Kalen, 
Yo, Trish, Elaine) and Disclosure receivers (Yo and Elaine)

1.5.   Adoption of policy statement on ex-offenders, the secure storage, 
retention and handling policy statement and Care Check's fair processing 
policy in relation to the handling of CRB disclosures.

2.      Proposals

2.1.   To operate a rolling rota for 1-month interim chairs whilst Autscape 
is considering options for a permanent chair. [Volunteers needed. Volunteers 
so far: Trish]

3.      Follow ups

3.1.   Venue decision

3.2.   Co-options

4.      Roles and responsibilities

4.1.   Chair: no candidates

4.2.   Vice Chair: no candidates

4.3.   Vice Treasurer. Candidate(s): Stephen

4.4.   Assistant Company Secretary [Kalen is already Vice Company Secretary 
i.e. responsible for taking over if Yo is incapacitated. This role is for 
someone who would like to assist Yo with her workload in this role on an 
ongoing basis.]: no candidates

5.      Subcommittee Progress Reports (suggested topics listed)

5.1.   Venue (inc. 2012 search)

5.2.   Tech

5.3.   Publications/publicity

5.4.   Constitution

5.5.   Fundraising

5.6.   Youth

5.7.   Programme

6.      Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

6.1.   Venue coordinator

6.2.   Treasurer

6.3.   Company Secretary

6.4.   Chair

7.      Any other business