How to book

How to book for Autscape 2019 from 7 April

25 April 2019We are operating a queue for Autscape places. To join the queue fill out the booking form.

Other Information

If you wish to pay by instalments you must get your booking in before the end of April.

Autscape 2019 place allocation policy.

Autscape 2019 Fees.


Booking frequently asked questions.

Change to booking system

In some years we receive a large number of bookings in the first couple of days. Anyone who needs more time to fill out their form or happens to be away from a computer in that time period loses out. This year there is no need to race to fill out the forms as quickly. We are having a couple of weeks after we open booking before we look at the forms and then we will look at them in a random order on 12 April. This gives everyone, including the people who need to post their forms and anyone who is on holiday the day we open booking, the same chance of whichever bedroom type is first to be booked out this year.


Do not send payment with your application; wait for us to contact you.

We accept payment by Paypal, bank transfer and cheque.

You will be given your deposit (£50) due date when you are emailed your payment instructions. Usually it is three to four weeks from the date we offer you a place.

All conference fees must be paid by the end of June.

Deposits are not usually refundable.

Additional Needs

If you have any additional needs, you put them on the booking form. If Autscape or the venue can't meet them and your booking has to be cancelled as a result then your deposit will be returned (provided the need was on your form).

Bedroom Information

This year we have single, twin, double and family rooms. Some are en-suite and some are not. All the bedroom doors lock with a key-card. Only some types of food are allowed in bedrooms - things like biscuits and fruit snack packs (like raisins). No hot food is allowed in bedrooms and neither is food that needs preparing.

There is more information about the bedrooms over here.

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Please contact with any queries.