Travel information

This information is provisional. It may change.

The closest train station to the venue is Broxbourne Station. To get from Broxbourne to the venue you can take a bus (with a bit of a walk at the end) or get a taxi. The taxi fare is in the region of six to seven pounds. There will be an Autscape organiser at Broxbourne station to assist you. If you prefer to share a taxi the organiser will help you find other participants to share with.

There is no need to book this service in advance or pay for travel in advance. Please bring enough money with you to pay for the taxi. Provisionally the organiser will be at the station from 2pm to 5pm. They will be wearing something that identifies them with Autscape. We will know closer to the time what this is.

Adjacent to Broxbourne Station is a canal walk

The closest airport is Stansted

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