Bedroom information

This information is provisional.

This year's venue has a good selection of bedroom types. The downside is there are fewer of some types than others.

All the information in this section is also in the booking system. There is no need to memorise it!

On your booking form you will be asked for your preferred bedroom type and given the option to list as many bedroom types as you wish in order of preference. If we have no rooms of your preferred bedroom left (which also meet the bedroom needs you give us) we will look at your second choice. If there are none of that type left we look at your third choice and so on down the form.

Bedroom types will be:

Ensuite room information

The en-suite rooms mainly have a toilet, handbasin and shower cubicle. A smaller number have a bath with shower overhead instead of a shower cubicle. A small number of the en-suites are accessible.

Standard Bedroom Bathrooms

The standard bedrooms all have hand-basins. The toilets, showers and baths shared between these rooms are in cubicles. The shower cubicles are fully contained (there is no gap at the top or bottom).

If you need to be especially close or far from the standard room bathrooms tell us this on your booking.

Bedroom Floor

The bedrooms are on the ground, first and second floor. There is one lift. Some of the first floor bedrooms are accessible by this lift. None of the second floor rooms are.


If you wish to have a shared bedroom and have no one to share with we can match you up with a room mate for a place in a twin bedroom.

General Bedroom Information

The bedroom doors lock with a key card. A towel will be provided. Each bedroom has a small kettle for making hot drinks.

The beds come with their bed linen like in a hotel.

Other information

The venue prefer no food in the bedrooms however you may eat tidy dry things that need no cooking or preparation like biscuits, crackers and crisps. You may not have 'wet' foods like pot noodles or food that needs preparation or heating. Take aways and hot food delivery are also not allowed.

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