Building Works

This page contains updates to the venue's building works. Please scroll down for the most recent updates. It was last updated on 31 July.

5 July 2019: The venue have contacted the organisers to tell us they are starting the building works on their new extension this month. Unfortunately this means there will be some building noise on the site between the hours of 9am and 5pm while Autscape is on. The area they are building in is at the opposite end of the site to where the dining and presentation areas are. We are told these areas won't be affected by noise.

Unfortunately the area is close to some bedrooms (mainly those at the back and those close to the lift) and we do not know how much or little the sound will carry inside or outside.

If this will impact on your enjoyment of Autscape and you wish to cancel as consequence we will refund the full fee you paid us (including your deposit) provided you tell us by the 20th of July. (If possible please tell us earlier so we have more time to refill the place).

6 July: You can download a pdf showing the area affected. The conference building has only a ground and first floor bedroom area in this part of the map.

All the bedrooms close to the area are en-suite. The closest standard bedroom to the area is where the capital 'E' of the tag 'Existing buiding' is.

The programme and dining area isn't on the diagram. They are down beyond the bottom left of the picture.

31 July: I am waiting to know what the venue say in reply to the letter the board are going to send them.

A number of people have asked if their bedroom is close to the works. The answer is yes, unfortunately it is for over one third of participants. A lot of bedrooms either overlook the area or are on the opposite side of the corridor to those which overlook the area, or are at the top of a perpendicular wing.

Other bedrooms are close to these bedrooms. Hence depending on your definition of close, maybe over half of participants are close to the building works. The allocation was done randomly with previous bedroom needs taken into consideration. When we receive a cancellation, we look at those who are closest to the works and subject to earlier bedroom needs and preferences move one of them to the now freed up bedroom. Then we advertise the bedroom that overlooks the works.

People who booked before we announced the building works get priority for moving because they did not know of them when they booked.

If you missed the deadline for a refund but are aware that the noise will bother you, we may be able to make an exception.

Please contact with any queries.