This page about Autscape 2017 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.

The venue is next door to a sports centre and a tennis centre. These can be booked by Autscape particpants when coaching is not on. Members of the public will also be using these facilities. Sports cost extra. There is a 20% discount available to bookings by Autscape guests for the duration of Autscape.

The sports centre has a children's sports camp on during the week we are at Autscape. As a consequence the courts and outdoor spaces are only available after 4pm on Tuesday to Thursday and after 1pm on Friday except where otherwise stated. Please see further down this document for how to book.

Please ensure you give yourself enough time to get back to the venue in time for meals and enough time to eat your meal. Dinner is a three course meal served to the table so allow at least one hour. The relevant meal times are - lunch 1pm to 2pm and dinner 6:30pm to at least 7:30pm. If you are late for a meal you will be served the course everyone else is on. The venue do not serve the courses that are finished to latecomers.


Note off-peak is 9am to 5pm. Peak is 5pm to 10pm. The prices given are the prices before the 20% discount is applied. The prices are for one hour except for rollar skating which is per session.

Football, Basketball (pitch hire)
Off peak: £32.50. Peak: £45.00.
Off peak: £6.50. Peak: £9.00.
Table Tennis
Off peak: £6.50. Peak: £9.00.
Roller Skating
Price: £4.00.
Times: 1pm-2:45pm and 3:15pm-5pm each day.
Free skate hire while at Autscape.
Tennis using an Indoor Court
Off peak: £10.00. Peak: £14.00.
Tennis using an Outdoor Court
£7.00. This is the same price peak and offpeak.
Tennis using a floodlit Outdoor Court
£10.00 This is the same price peak and offpeak.
Climbing Wall Admission
£4.00 Adult and £3.00 Junior. Same price peak and offpeak. Training sessions can be ran for a maximum of 15 people from 1pm onwards. There is a minimum booking of six per training session. These cost £5.00 per person (no further discount is applicable).

How to book

It is better to book in advance.

You can book as late as you wish or even just turn up, but if you do this you will run the risk of facilities not being available and being disappointed. In regards to payment, facilities that are being hired can be paid for upon arrival at the centre on the day of booking by either cash or credit/debit card.