Updates to Information Pack

This page about Autscape 2017 is of historical interest only. Go to the home page for current information.


When a venue is new we don't know everything about it. At some point we have to take what we know and write the venue information pack. Sometimes more information comes in later.

Quiet dining room

The quiet dining room will be used by Autscape for other activities when it is not a dining room. As a result of this the venue can't have it fully laid out as a dining room. Instead people using this room are asked to pick up their cutlery and glass from a table and bring it to their place.

People using the main dining room will find their places already set.

Tuesday afternoon coffee

There is a Tuesday afternoon coffee break. It starts around 4pm.


Please do not bring irons to the venue. If you need one ask at the venue's reception desk. They have two they can loan to people.

Rockingham Room

The Rockingham Room is used as our quiet dining room. Between meals when the venue are not clearing or setting up we can use it except on Wednesday 9th August. The venue's CEO has a meeting between 11am and midday at this time. We have asked the venue to put a sign up.

Carey Room

Non residential people can leave their belongings (at their own risk) in the Carey room. There will be chairs there so they can relax in this room as well (as they have no bedrooms to go to during the day).

Room Cleaning

As mentioned in the venue information pack the venue will clean your bedroom on Thursday if you have your door hanger out when you go down to breakfast. You will find your door hanger in your registration pack. The team start to clean from 9:30am.

If you are one of the few people who arrived at the venue on Monday you can ask for your room to be cleaned on Wednesday instead by leaving your door hanger out then. The venue ask that we stress your room will not be cleaned on both Wednesday and Thursday.