Registration & fees

This year Autscape is in King's Park Conference Centre which is just a few miles from the centre of Northampton City.


To reserve your Autscape place please fill out the appropriate form and send it to us by post or email. The email instructions are on the last page of the form. If you can't use forms contact us ( and we'll ask you the questions by email or send you a form by post.

IMPORTANT: If you read in our Asperger United advert that there will be trampolining on the programme and are booking for that we regret that this isn't available after all due to a lack of instructors. We were able to arrange one session just before Autscape starts. The arrangements and extra charges for that are listed here.

The last date for booking (subject to places being available) is 16 June 2017. All payment must be received by 19 June 2017.

If you have any questions please email


Staying on site (residential option)

Staying off site (day/non residential option)

Other Information

Fees and paying

The fees we are charging are on the registration forms above. They are listed here as well in case anyone wishes to view them.