Meal service

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To cut down on food wastage and also be able to cater for people with a wide variety of diet needs Kings Park has a different system for serving food.


If you are coming non residential and not having breakfast at the venue you will be able to fill in your lunch card when you arrive up until 9:30am.

If you will be arriving after that time you will be invited to email us after we have the menus and we'll let the venue know what you want.

If you are not someone who comes down for breakfast, you can fill out a card up to 9:30am or arrange for a friend to fill in a card for you.

If none of the above options work for you you can leave your lunch choice at the organisers desk the night before up until 9:30pm. Please be careful not to double order the meal. Otherwise we will be charged twice for it.

We hope to have the meal lists in advance so you can decide in advance what you want.

Brief Notes about Meals

Breakfast will have cereals and also the option of a hot dish. The museli has hazelnuts. (Those are the only nuts the venue will use for our group). You will have a choice of hot dishes. This is the only meal that is self served. You go to the counter and ask for the hot dish you ordered at the end of dinner.
Lunch consists of a main course and a dessert. It is served to the table. As well as the dessert there is always a fruit bowl at the side which you can help yourself to instead.
Dinner consists of three courses - a starter (typically soup or fruit), a main course and a dessert. Like with lunch there is also fruit available.

The venue need us to be ontime for meals please. With the exception of breakfast there is no queueing under their system of serving. Please wait in the lounge area until the dining hall is open.

The first meal

The first meal of the conference is the exception. For this the chef will prepare food based on the diet needs we give him. If you find yourself unexpectedly delayed getting to the venue please contact us (details will be in the information pack)

Please contact about anything on this page.