Agenda for November 2009 meeting

Draft Agenda for November 2009 committee meeting

1.0  Approve minutes of October meeting

2.0  The committee notes with regret the resignation of Debbie F. on 
     16th October 2009.

3.0  Proposals
3.1. Kalen nominates Kabie to be our new Treasurer. As Kabie stated on-
     list, this will be on the condition that she resigns from chairing the
     fundraising and childcare sub-committees.
3.2. To appoint a new chair for the fundraising sub-committee
3.3. To appoint a new chair for the childcare sub-committee
3.4. To appoint a new registrar

4.0   Subcommittee progress reports
4.1.  Venue
4.2.  Tech
4.3.  Publications/publicity
4.4.  Constitution
4.5.  Fundraising
4.6.  Childcare
4.7.  Programme

5.0   Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)
5.1.  Treasurer
5.2.  Secretary
5.3.  Chair

6.0   Any other business