Agenda for October 2009 meeting

1.  Approve minutes of September meeting

2.  Financial issues

2.1.   Accounts

2.1.1.      Approval of interim accounts

2.1.2.      Status of final accounts

2.2.   That the treasurer seek a suitable accountant asap and  
arrange an initial meeting to seek advice on appropriate internal  
accounting procedures to meet the requirements of a charitable  
company (subject to budget)

3.  Proposals

3.1.   The publicity SC requests a budget of £50 to print Autscape  
business cards

3.2.   To delegate someone (volunteers please) to have specific  
responsibility for moderating the chat and plan lists.

3.3.   Safeguarding

3.3.1.      That a legal opinion be sought with regards to  
Safeguarding regulations, specifically with how this may affect  
current and future online activities and services of Autscape.

3.3.2.      To delegate someone (volunteers please) to find a  
suitable source of this advice and cost it.

3.4.   SC confidentiality

3.4.1.      That agreement to the confidentiality policy not be  
required for members the following sub-committees:            Constitution            Publicity            Programme

3.4.2.      That chairs of sub-committees whose members are not  
required to agree to the participant confidentiality policy should  
take reasonable measures to keep confidential information about  
participants from the list. The SC chair will ensure that agreement  
to the participant confidentiality policy is obtained from a sub- 
committee member prior to that member handling confidential  

3.5.      That SC chairs have the power to revoke the SC membership  
of any member who repeatedly fails to respond to specific requests  
(including requests to agree to the participant confidentiality  
policy). Use of this power must be reported to the management  
committee chair. This does not prevent a SC member whose membership  
is revoked from rejoining the SC at any time.

3.6. That the programme sub-committee invite at least one and not more  
than 3 presenters (negotiable) with expertise in a desired topic to  
present at Autscape 2010. The invited presenter(s) would not be  
required to submit a proposal to be decided on by the committee. They  
would be offered the same incentives (e.g. free attendance) as  
presenters who propose via the normal route.

4. Progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

4.1.  Subcommittee progress reports

4.1.1.   Venue

4.1.2.   Tech

4.1.3.   Publications/publicity

4.1.4.   Constitution

4.1.5.   Fundraising

4.1.6.   Childcare

4.1.7.   Programme

4.2.  Key position progress reports

4.2.1.   Treasurer

4.2.2.   Secretary

4.2.3.   Chair

5.  Any other business