Minutes of November 2009 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Sunday 15th November 2009

Meeting commenced 3pm 
Present: Martijn, Peter, Dave, Kalen and Yo. Apologies: Kabie, Trish (arrived

1. Approve minutes of October meeting
Minutes not approved. All members present abstained due to late posting of
latest version

2. The committee notes with regret the resignation of Debbie F. on 16th
October, 2009.
Comment that Debbie will be sorely missed
Trish joined the meeting at this point

3. Proposals

3.1 Kalen nominates Kabie to be our new Treasurer. As Kabie stated on-list,
this will be on the condition that she resigns from chairing the fundraising
and childcare sub-committees.
seconded by Yo
Approved. Unanimous

3.2 To appoint a new chair for the fundraising sub-committee.
Deferred to next meeting as there is someone on the Fundraising SC who might be

3.3 To appoint a new chair for the childcare sub-committee
Kalen willing to stand in until someone else found
Approved, 5 for, 1 abstain

3.4 To appoint a new registrar.
Discussion over having a non committee person as registrar

changed to: 3.4 Proposal to appoint Debbie to be the registrar as a
non-committee member.

Approved, unanimous

4. Sub-committee progress reports.

4.1 Venue
No progress
4.2 Tech
No progress
4.3 Publications/publicity
Some slow progress towards getting business cards sorted but little else.
Struggling with getting people to volunteer to do actual tasks.

4.4 Constitution
Kalen noted 'I am aware that this is waiting on action from me.'
No progress for the same reason as last month
Kalen responded that she will endeavour to get it sorted before the next
meeting, preferably much sooner.

4.5 Fundraising
Kabie not present so no report

4.7 Programme
no progress

5. Key position progress reports

5.1 Treasurer
Debbie resigned. Robin (vice treasurer) not present. Kabie has only had the
position for about 10 minutes.

5.2 Secretary
Not much to report. Kabie helpfully got back to the list about safeguarding
issues recently but there is more follow up needed on this.

5.3 Chair
Not much progress. We need to get several programme, fundraising and charity
registration things moving urgently.

6. Any other business

6.1 Vice chair
Vote to appoint Peter as Vice Chair.
6.1 (AOB) Peter appointed vice chair. 5 for. 1 abstention.

6.2 (AOB) Delegate coming up with some theme suggestions to Trish.
Martijn had expressed doubts about continuing as programme coordinator and
wondered if someone wanted to take over.
Trish agreed to check out responses to a request for a theme and send 2-3 to
Approved, 5 for, 1 abstain

Peter confirmed he will send bank forms to Kabie to replace Debbie as a
signatory for the bank account.