Agenda for December 2009 meeting

Draft Agenda for December 2009 committee meeting

1 Minutes
1.1.   Approve minutes of October meeting
1.2.   Approve minutes of November meeting

2 Proposals
2.1.   The programme subcommittee unanimously favours the
       theme "Autistic Wellbeing" for Autscape 2010 and proposes this 
       theme for ratification by the main committee.
2.2.   To appoint a new chair for the fundraising sub-committee
2.3.   We need to decide whether to approach Norman Green or the ISA direct,
       for guidance on the vetting and barring scheme / safeguarding.

3  Subcommittee progress reports
3.1.   Venue
3.2.   Tech
3.3.   Publications/publicity
3.4.   Constitution
3.5.   Fundraising
3.6.   Childcare
3.7.   Programme

4  Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)
4.1.   Treasurer
4.2.   Secretary
4.3.   Chair

5  Any other business