Minutes of December 2009 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Thursday 17th December 2009 at 12:30pm GMT 

Present: Peter, Dave, Kalen, Yo, Kabie. Absent (for now): Robin, Trish and

1 Minutes

1.1.    Approve minutes of October meeting.
October minutes approved

1.2.    Approve minutes of November meeting

Kalen noted she is happy to approve the minutes as they are and just hope for
the changes to be made as they are minor. 
November minutes approved (4 for, 1 subject to amendments, 1 abstain)

2. Proposals

2.1.    The programme sc unanimously favours the theme "Autistic Wellbeing" for
Autscape 2010 and proposes this theme for ratification by the main committee.
Theme proposal approved unanimously.

2.2.    To appoint a new chair for the fundraising sub-committee.
Revised to: propose to co-opt Paul from the Fundraising sub-committee to chair
that sc.
Approved (5 for, 1 abstain)

2.3.    We need to decide whether to approach Norman Green or the ISA direct
for guidance on the vetting and barring scheme.
Information from Kabie: We need clarification about the rules relating to
safeguarding: CRB checks etc necessary for Autscape including online lists and
future possible lists for children
There was discussion over requirements and point 2.3 was rephrased:

2.3. To have Kabie approach the ISA directly for advice about the vetting and
barring scheme / safeguarding, and to go to Norman Green if further
clarification or assistance is required.
Approved unanimously

3. Sub-committee progress reports

3.1.     Venue
No progress
3.2.    Tech
No progress
3.3.  and 3.4.  Publications/publicity
No progress
3.5.    Fundraising
3.6.    Childcare
Virtually chairless. No progress but not necessary right now.
3.7.    Programme
We have a theme.  With the committee's permission, Martijn would like to go
ahead and send out the call for proposals 
3.7.1. Proposal to delegate the preparation and distribution of the call for
proposals to the programme sub-committee without need for further approval from
the main committee.
Approve (unanimous)

4. Key position progress reports

4.1. Treasurer
Kabie not received bank form yet and no accounts from Robin
4.2. Secretary
No progress
4.3. Chair
In need of more help
5. Any other business