Minutes of January 2010 meeting

Autscape Management Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: Sunday 17th January 2010 at 15:00 GMT

Present: Yo, Peter B, Martijn, Trish, Kalen, Dave, Kabie.  Absent: Robin.
3 observers.


1. Approvals

1.1. Approve minutes of December meeting
December's meeting had two parts. Part 1 was open to observers, part 2 was

Part 1
Approved. 5 approve, 2 abstain.

Part 2
Approved. 5 approve, 2 abstain.

1.2. Provisional approval of 2008/09 accounts (subject to final approval by
a general meeting)

Approved.  5 approve, 2 abstain

2. Ratifications

2.1. Expenditure of GBP 215 for Communication advert
This is for an advert that has been sent to the NAS Communication magazine.

Approved, unanimous

3. Proposals and delegations

3.1. To co-opt Debbie F. to the committee, effective from the end of
this meeting.
Approved, unanimous

3.2. To change the chair of venue SC from Peter to Debbie (other volunteers 
also welcome)
Approved, unanimous.
Peter also noted that he would continue to work on matters relating to this 
year at Ammerdown, but that Debbie would handle responsibilities relating to 
the 2011 venue.

3.3. To delegate finding and liaising with an accountant.
Vote to approve Kabie to find and liaise with an accountant.
Approved. 6 approve, 1 abstain

3.4. To delegate stationery purchase, badges preparation and printing to
Approved. 6 Approve, 1 abstain

3.5. Request draft budget and fee levels for 2010 from treasurer by Feb
meeting. During a discussion on providing the necessary information Kalen
confirmed the intention to select around 9 presentations this year.

The committee agreed to request a draft budget and fee levels from the
treasurer for the next meeting.

3.6. Decision on subsidy for presenters: (a) full subsidy (i.e. free
attendance) (b) 50% subsidy (c) 1 day (24 hours) free attendance (as last
6 votes for (c), 1 abstention.

Yo (abstaining) asked that it be minuted that she was unable to vote on this
proposal due to not having essential information in advance of the meeting.

4. Reports and follow-ups

4.1. Kabie on contact with the ISA
Kabie agreed to post the entire email contact to list

5. Subcommittee Progress Reports

5.1. Venue
Peter (venue chair) reported that the venue sc has discussed how to handle
people who register late fairly, while at the same time allowing people who
book early to get favourable rates on train tickets. This is effectively a
continuation of a topic from last year. There is no conclusion as yet, but
the sc is making progress.
When the sc has something firm, Peter (or Debbie - about to take over
chairing this sc) will bring it up to the committee.

5.2. Tech
Peter (Tech chair) reported that Kalen had asked for a reminder system for
committee meetings. Peter has made some comments on it, but nobody else on
sc-tech had anything to say and nothing is in place yet.

5.3. Publications/publicity
This month sc-pub has drafted and placed an ad in Communication. Yo (Pub
chair) reported that sc-pub are currently drafting an ad for Asperger United.
Sc-pub has been working on designing a business card and are currently voting
on an Autscape slogan to go on the card. The FAQs are close to completion.
Sc-pub hopes to make some progress on updating text on the website soon.

5.4. Constitution
This month sc-cons has got back on track with discussing the proposed
governing documents for the charitable company. Our solicitor is currently
working on a second draft of these which will accommodate some recent
changes in company law and some of the issues raised in discussions on
sc-cons so far. Yo reported that, as sc-cons chair, she has begun the
process of collecting personal information from all the proposed company
directors and posted an outline timetable for the incorporation and charity

5.5. Fundraising
No chair at present. Kalen will try to recruit someone but at present need
to assume no funding this year.

5.6. Childcare
No progress.

5.7. Programme - CfP progress
Martijn (Prog chair) reported that he has been quite ill with influenza for
over a week so things have been a bit further delayed. Right now, the Call
for Proposals is in an advanced draft stage. No one on sc-prog objected to
the included theme description. Now that the presenters' subsidy issue has
been decided, at least for the time being, all that's left is to decide the
proposal deadline and associated deadlines, which Martijn hopes the
committee is happy to leave to the Programme SC to sort out.
After sc-prog gets that done, hopefully tonight or otherwise tomorrow,
Martijn will finally be able to send out the Call for Proposals.

6. Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

6.1. Treasurer - Situation regarding bank form
Peter apologised for the delay and explained the need to include his change
of address. He stated his intention to leave Debbie as a signatory given the
decision in 3.1 earlier.

6.2. Secretary
Yo explained that her PhD deadline is the end of February
and her availability will be very limited for the next 6 weeks. She noted
the need to reorganise the files as a significant outstanding issue.

6.3. Chair
The Chair expressed pleasure with recent progress.

7. Any Other Business

7.1 The need for a stable correspondence address and phone number were
discussed. Peter offered his address and the issue of a phone number was
deferred to the list.

7.2 The Chair noted that Debbie has been informally delegated to research
transport options for Bath to Ammerdown.

Meeting closed at 16:56.