Agenda for April 2011 meeting

Agenda for April 2011 committee meeting
Meeting date: Sunday 17th April 1pm

Meeting Chair: Kalen

1.     Ratifications

1.1.   To accept one further presentation proposal from those submitted and 
       invite one additional presenter (see decision on list 30/3/11)

1.2.   To decline the offer of Ammerdown as the 2012 venue (see decision on 
       list 31/3/11)

2.      Announcments

2.1.   (Subject to the ratification of 1.1 above) The final list of 
presentations accepted for Autscape 2011 is as follows (in alphabetical 
order of titles):

  * An insider's critique of the dominant psychological models of autism
          - Damian Milton
  * Owning autism research - Kalen
  * Owning our support: personalisation - theory and reality - Yo
  * Owning the languages of autism - Martijn Dekker
  * Pitfalls in autism diagnosis and support: reflections from an 
          autistic doctor - Ava Ruth Baker
  * Specialisterne Scotland: passion for details - Alastair Cooper
  * Use it or lose it. How autism has been owned, and how to claim it 
          for ourselves - Larry Arnold

There will also be a panel discussion on the final morning on the conference 
theme, and one invited presenter (details to be announced later).

3.     Proposals

3.1.   Approve March minutes (version posted on list 15/4/11)
       [minutes of closed meeting to be approved separately]

3.2.   To agree a budget of £1100 for youth sc to book
       'alittlesomethingextra' as the childcare provider.

3.3.   To agree a budget of £100 for merchandise

3.4.   To approve the treasurer's proposed day fee rates (see Appendix)

4.     Follow ups

4.1.   Membership database

4.2.   Newsletter

4.3.   Registration system

5.     Subcommittee Progress Reports (suggested topics listed)

5.1.   Venue (website information on 2011 venue, 2012)

5.2.   Tech (email lists for working groups, website updating, paypal 

5.3.   Publications/publicity (when poster and brochure will be ready, 
           including programme information in brochure)

5.4.   Constitution (progress on governance policy)

5.5.   Fundraising (progress on fundraising)

5.6.   Youth (updating main committee on youth programme intentions, 
       childcare booking)

5.7.   Programme (invitation(s), leisure issues, schedule, making 
       information available on the website about this year's presentations 
       and presenters)

6.     Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

6.1.   Venue coordinator (ongoing liaison with the venue)

6.2.   Treasurer (accountant, budget, reserves)

6.3.   Company Secretary (charity form, policies, development issues, draft 
       email re item 7 March meeting)

6.4.   Chair (overall progress, timetable)

7.     Any other business


Day fees

Background notes:

We only get GBP 12 off per person per 3 days, so I've aimed for a
reduction of GBP 10 for a 3 day attendance, based on the corresponding
residential fee for a shared room.

I've made the two day attendance be the same as three days, and the one
day attendance be half that, ie. same as last year.

The exceptions are:
  Child 0-4: These are unchanged. The venue doesn't charge us for
             young children so their fee isn't reduced.

  Carer: I've made no difference between the residential and non-residential
         fees for 3 days' attendance. Both are below cost. One and two
         days' attendance is charged pro-rata.

I have assumed, based on the number of presenters,
that we have no presentations on Monday. The day fees are therefore for
Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday daytime.

Peter (treasurer)

Proposed rates:

Adult           Standard        1 day / 2+ days         80 / 160
Adult           Low Income      1 day / 2+ days         70 / 140

Child 5-17      Standard        1 day / 2+ days         65 / 130
Child 5-17      Low Income      1 day / 2+ days         55 / 110

Child 0-4       Standard        1 day / 2+ days         30 / 60
Child 0-4       Low Income      1 day / 2+ days         20 / 40

Babes in arms (ie. no childcare)                          0

Carer/PA        n/a             1 / 2 / 3 days          40 / 80 / 120

Professional    n/a             1 day / 2+ days         100 / 200