Agenda for May 2011 meeting

Final Agenda for May 2011 committee meeting
Meeting date: Wednesday 18th May 1pm

Meeting Chair: Kalen

1.      Announcements

1.1.   Autscape's application for Charity Registration (as 'The Autscape 
Organisation') has been approved. Our registered charity number is 1141913. 
This completes the process begun as a result of the decision of the 
membership at the AGM in 2008. Autscape is now a charitable company.

2.      Ratifications

2.1.   March part 2 minutes (approved on list 20/4/11)

2.2.   To appoint Debbie F. as transport coordinator (agreed nem con 

2.3.   To appoint Debbie F. as registrar (agreed on list 11/5/11)

3.      Proposals

3.1.   Approve April minutes (posted on list 24/4/11)

3.2.   To adopt the proposed booking and cancellation policy (see Appendix)

4.      Follow ups

4.1.   Newsletter

4.2.   Registration

4.3.   General confidentiality policy (set for review this month by December 
2010 meeting 3.4.1)

4.4.   Drafting of email re item 7 March meeting

4.5.   Adding working groups to 'getting involved' page

5.      Subcommittee Progress Reports (suggested topics listed)

5.1.   Venue (website information on 2011 venue, 2012)

5.2.   Tech (website updating)

5.3.   Publications/publicity (poster distribution, when brochure will be 
ready, including programme information in brochure)

5.4.   Constitution (progress on governance policy)

5.5.   Fundraising (progress on fundraising)

5.6.   Youth (childcare booking, updating main committee on youth programme 

5.7.   Programme (invitation(s), leisure issues, schedule, making 
information available on the website about this year's presentations and 

5.8.   Merchandise wg (if necessary)

5.9.   Transport wg (if necessary)

6.      Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

6.1.   Venue coordinator (catering, ongoing liaison with the venue)

6.2.   Treasurer (low income definition (see 12/5/11 post), costs 
visualisation, accountant, budget, reserves)

6.3.   Company Secretary (charity registration, training, policies, 
development issues)

6.4.   Chair (overall progress, timetable)

7.      Any other business


Proposed Booking and Cancellation Policy

This policy should be examined every year since it necessarily
interacts with the venues' policies.


Bookings for Autscape will be held, pending payment, for two weeks from
the date that the registrar accepts the booking or until booking closes,
whichever date occurs earlier. The registrar may cancel bookings which
remain unpaid after this date.

The registrar is not compelled to cancel unpaid bookings, and they may
arrange an alternative payment schedule with a participant where it is
appropriate to do so.


If the participant requests that their place is cancelled more than one
month before the conference, then Autscape shall return the booking fee
less any incurred costs and less an administration fee of GBP 10.

If the participant requests that their place is cancelled more than three
weeks prior to the conference and before the venue has been given the
final attendance figures, then Autscape shall return the booking fee less
any incurred costs and less an administration fee of GBP 20.

Where requests for cancellations are made three weeks or less prior to the 
conference or after the venue has been given final attendance figures, no 
refund will
normally be given.  The board may authorise full or partial refunds
where they are able to recover some costs, but they are not under any
obligation to do so.

Where refunds are given, payment will normally be made by cheque. Refunds
may be delayed until after the Autscape conference. Refunds may also be
delayed to allow incoming payments to clear.