Agenda for March 2011 meeting

Final Agenda for March 2011 committee meeting
Meeting date: Wednesday 16th March 1pm

Meeting Chair: Kalen

1.      Ratifications

1.1.   February minutes (approved on list).

2.      Follow ups

2.1.   Membership database (again)

2.2.   Review progress on newsletter

2.3.   Clarification of who is dealing with info@ and telephone enquiries

2.4.   Registration system

3.      Proposals

3.1.   To appoint a permanent chair (Volunteers: Kalen, Trish)

3.2.   Programme - decisions on presentation proposals

3.2.1.      To accept the 6 most highly rated proposals

3.2.2.      To reject the 2 lowest rated proposals

3.2.3.      To have a panel discussion on Friday morning (details to be 
            decided by sc-prog)

3.2.4.      To have a total number of slots (including the panel if agreed to) of
            a) 7
            b) 9

3.2.5.      To ask sc-prog to make a recommendation on the issue of filling 
            any remaining programme slots

3.3.   To adopt the fee structure proposed by the treasurer (see Appendix)

3.4.   To create a working group for transport and appoint a transport 
       coordinator (volunteers please)

3.5.   To create a working group for merchandise and appoint a merchandise 
       coordinator (Volunteer: Stephen)

3.6.   To set a budget for merchandise (proposal for specific amount still 

3.7.   To set a budget of £300 for sc-prog to spend on programme enhancement 
       (i.e. things other than subsidising the main programme)

3.8.   To open registration on Tuesday 26th April

3.9.   On the recommendation of the treasurer, to appoint CASE to check the 
       2010 accounts at a cost of £350

4.      Subcommittee Progress Reports (suggested topics listed)

4.1.   Venue (2012)

4.2.   Tech (website updating esp. journalists guidelines, paypal button)

4.3.   Publications/publicity (when poster and brochure will be ready)

4.4.   Constitution (progress on governance policy)

4.5.   Fundraising (progress on fundraising)

4.6.   Youth (funding, recruitment, childcare booking)

4.7.   Programme (issues arising from proposal decisions, leisure issues)

5.      Key position progress reports (matters not covered earlier)

5.1.   Venue coordinator (ongoing liaison with the venue)

5.2.   Treasurer (accountant, fees, budget, reserves)

5.3.   Company Secretary (CRBs, charity form, policies, development issues)

5.4.   Chair (Kalen as interim Feb-Mar chair: overall progress, timetable)

6.      Any other business

7.      This item will be held in camera


Proposed fee structure

Adult           Standard        Shared                  170
Adult           Standard        Single or En suite      210
Adult           Low Income      Shared                  150
Adult           Low Income      Single or En suite      190

Child 5-17      Standard        Shared                  140
Child 5-17      Standard        Single                  180
Child 5-17      Low Income      Shared                  120
Child 5-17      Low Income      Single                  160

Child 0-4       Standard        Shared                   60
Child 0-4       Low Income      Shared                   40

Babes in arms (ie. no childcare)                          0

Carer/PA        n/a             Shared                  120
Carer/PA        n/a             Single                  160

Professional    n/a             Shared                  210
Professional    n/a             Single                  250

Background information

These fees appear at first glance to be an increase on last year's, but
actually they are high because we'll offer shared room as a discount
rather than a single room as a supplement.

The price for single rooms (with shared facilities) and shared en suite
rooms will be the same. I'd like to see what features people prioritise in
the venue when their decisions aren't being driven by money.

The discount for choosing a shared room with separate shared facilities
(ie. not en suite) will be GBP 40.

I've only looked at residential fees - these are the fees that make a
material difference to our finances. I'll do the days only fees next
weekend and ask for approval on list.

The fees include the membership fee. Subtract GBP 5 to get the fee
offered to members. Since the membership fee is neutral, you can ignore it
for any analysis.

Our reserves are a bit on the high side so I've set the fees so that at
the lower end of the plausible attendance (somewhere around 45 people) we
make a loss of GBP 1,500, which we can afford.

That assumes that I've got low income vs standard income in the right
proportion (figures based on data from last year), that I've made
plausible guesses at the popularity of en suite rooms, and that childcare
really is that expensive.

I've assumed that rebates will be given to presenters and organisers, but
only for one day's attendance. To make the maths easier, in my analysis
I've used a cost of GBP 100 per rebate, with a maximum of one rebate per

Peter (treasurer)