Minutes of November 2018 meeting

Minutes of meeting of the Board of directors of The Autscape Organisation

Meeting date: 10th November 2018

Meeting time: 17:00 GMT

Meeting Chair: Martijn

Present: Elaine, Fergus, Heta, Jenny, Jeremy, Martijn, Trish
Invited: Debbie, Peter, Kalen
Apologies: James, Larry, Debbie and Peter

Observers: None

Meeting opened: 17:06

1. Approvals

1.1 Minutes of the October 2018 meeting posted to the list on 10th November 2018
    Minutes approved (7 for)

2. Ratifications


3. Proposals

3.1 Elaine proposed that we book High Leigh Conference Centre (12th -15th
    August) for Autscape 2019.

    It was mentioned that although High Leigh was not originally included in
    the shortlist, we have now discovered it is a viable option.  The first
    and second choices are not an option.  Kalen is prepared to work with
    High Leigh (barring unforeseen problems), accessibility is good and
    reserves will allow for the cost.

    High Leigh to be booked for 2019 (7 for)

    Action: 3.1 Elaine to call High Leigh on Monday to book.

4. Follow-ups


5. Role Reports

5.1 Chair (Martijn)
    The Chair reported that additional support from Elaine is helping him
    with the role.

5.2 Company Secretary (Elaine)
    The Company Secretary reported that we have a lot coming up once the
    venue is sorted and all Board members should watch the Board list over
    the coming weeks.

5.3 Honorary Secretary (Elaine)
    The Honorary Secretary requested that someone else write the minutes and
    Trish agreed to do this.

5.4 Treasurer (Jeremy)
    Nothing to report.

5.5 Event Manager Autscape 2018 (Kalen)
    No report as yet.

5.6 Membership Secretary (Jeremy)
    Nothing to report.

5.7 Fundraising Coordinator (Jeremy)
    Nothing to report.

5.8 Tech Coordinator (Martijn)
    The Tech Coordinator reported no progress.

5.9 List Coordinator (James)
    No report

5.10 Venue Search Coordinator (Vacant)
     No report.

6. AOB

No other business.

Closed Part of the Meeting

7. Role Elections

7.1 Venue Search Coordinator (Candidates: Elaine)

    Elaine as Venue Search Coordinator (7 for)

7.2 Bursary Committee Member (Candidates Trish, Heta, Kalen)

    There was a short discussion over increasing the numbers.  It was
    mentioned that three was considered a good number for voting purposes. 
    Trish dropped out as there were sufficient volunteers.

    Heta as Bursary Committee Member (6 for, 1 abstention)

7.3 The Chair proposed that we appoint Kalen as the Event Manager for Autscape 2019

    It was mentioned that she will not do this from 2020 and it was
    suggested a replacement be found now.  Martijn said he would be
    supporting her in documenting the process.

    Kalen for Event Manager for Autscape 2019 (7 for)

    Action 7.3: Martijn to aid Kalen with documentation of Event Management.

8. Confidential issues regarding specific individuals

[Not published online.]

Meeting closed at 18:15