Agenda for January 2017 meeting

Agenda for January 2017 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 10am GMT on Saturday 27 January 2017
at #autscape


0. Request for directors to waive their right to formal notice of this

1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the June 2016 meeting posted to the list on 20th January

1.2. Minutes of the July 2016 meeting posted to the list on 20th January

1.3. Minutes of the October 2016 meeting posted to the list on 20th January

1.4. Minutes of the meeting held at Autscape on 15th August 2016 posted to
     the list on 20th January 2017.

2. Ratifications

2.1. The decision taken on list on 23rd September to approve the post
     Autscape survey and that it be sent to the 2016 booked list. (8 For)

3. Proposals

3.1. The Company Treasurer proposes the board approve the following fees for
     Autscape 2017:

3.2. The Company Secretary proposes that we adopt the Lists policy Final
     Draft as posted to the board list on 24th January 2017

3.3. Recording of votes in the minutes.

3.3.1. The Chair proposes that we no longer record the number of votes for
       proposals, only whether it was approved or not.

(If 3.3.1. Is not approved, then…)

3.3.2. The Company Secretary proposes that we record in the minutes one of
       the following:
       A. The number of votes for, against and abstentions (this is the
          status quo)
       B. The number of votes for and against only
       C. The number of votes for and abstentions only
       D. The number of votes for only

3.4. The Chair proposes that we establish a committee with its own mailing
     list which will be responsible for organising the annual Autscape

3.4.1. The Chair proposes that the terms of the organising committee should be
       A. To organise the Annual Autscape conference in terms of:
       - Programme, including childcare but excluding choosing of the theme
         or the presentations accepted under the call for proposals which
         are reserved for the board
       - Venue, including negotiations with the venue regarding rooms and
         facilities, but excluding choosing the venue, which is reserved
         for the board.
       - The needs of participants, including registration, transport,
         accommodating special requirements
       - Publications and communication with participants
       - The on site team of organisers and volunteers
       - Any other task as may be required to organise the annual Autscape
       B. To organise the event in keeping with Autscape’s aims and
          objectives, governing documents and policies, present and future
       C. To keep within budgets set by the board 
       D. To keep the board informed

3.4.2. The Chair proposes that the organising committee should consist of at
       least 3 members holding at least the following four named roles:
       - An event manager, who will chair the committee and be responsible for
         liaison with the board.
       - The programme coordinator
       - The venue coordinator
       - The registrar
       All of whom should be elected by the board and should be board
       members acting under the existing responsibilities with the existing
       delegated authority.

3.4.3. The Chair proposes that the organising committee may add additional
       members (a suggested list below) at their discretion. However, any
       new authorities not already held by the organising committee members
       or the additional member roles must be approved by the board.
       Suggested roles for the organising committee include:
       - An on-site team manager
       - One or more bookkeepers, acting under existing authority
       - The chair of publications, acting under existing authority
       - Assistants, as wanted and required, for any of the primary named
       - Other positions that the organising committee consider appropriate

4. Follow Ups

4.1. Tech policy 

4.2. Registrars report from Autscape 2016

4.3. Programme coordinators report from Autscape 2016

4.4. Survey

5. Role Updates

5.1. Chair (Kalen)
5.2. Company/Honorary Secretary (Elaine)
5.3. Company Treasurer (Debbie)
5.4. Programme co-ordinator (Kalen)
5.5. Venue co-ordinator (Elaine)
5.6. Fundraising co-ordinator (Jeremy) 
5.7. Chair of Publications (David)
5.8. Registrar (Debbie)
5.9. Tech (Martijn)
5.10. Bookkeepers (Trish/Jeremy)
5.11. Venue search coordinator (Joseph)

6. AOB

Closed portion of meeting

7. Role Assignments

At the October 2016 meeting we decided that with the exception of the chair
and vice Chair that people who are elected to roles will remain in that role
until their term of office expires.

On that basis we should now elect people to the following roles

7.1. Organising committee roles (if 3.4.2. passes)

7.1.1. Event Manager
7.1.2. Programme Coordinator
7.1.3. Venue Coordinator
7.1.4. Registrar

7.2. Board roles

7.2.1. Chair
7.2.2. Vice Chair
7.2.3. Company Treasurer
7.2.4. Company Secretary
7.2.5. Honorary Secretary
7.2.6. Membership Secretary

7.3. Other roles

7.3.1. Venue search coordinator
7.3.2. Chair of Publications
7.3.3. 2 Bookkeepers
7.3.4. Tech coordinator