Agenda for October 2016 meeting

Agenda for October 2016 board meeting

Meeting to be held at 8pm BST on Saturday 22 October 2016
at #autscape


1. Approvals

1.1. Minutes of the July 2016 meeting posted on list on 9th August 2016.

1.2. Minutes of the meeting held at Autscape on 15th August 2016

2. Ratifications

2.1. The decision taken on list on 23rd September to approve the post
Autscape survey and that it be sent to the booking list. (8 For)

3. Proposals

3.1. The Company Treasurer proposes

  a. that the board agrees in principle to opening registration in Feb/March

  b. that we allow split payments from all delegates who book by the start of
     April (exact date to be determined later) regardless of which fee band
     they choose provided the booking fee is over £100

  c. that the board delegate authority to the Treasurer to accept smaller
     payments and determine individual payment plans for a small number of
     individuals who might otherwise be unable to attend or have exceptional
     circumstances at their discretion.

3.2. The chair proposes people who are elected to roles remain in that role
     until their term of office expires.

4. Follow Ups

4.1. Web systems/Tech (Elaine)

4.2. Recording of votes in the minutes
     Deferred to list for discussion from last meeting

4.3. List policy
     Still needs approval before we can open the lists

5. Role Updates

5.1. Chair (Kalen)
5.2. Company/Honorary Secretary (Elaine)
5.3. Company Treasurer (Debbie)
5.4. Programme co-ordinator (Kalen)
5.5. Venue co-ordinator (Elaine)
5.6. Fundraising co-ordinator (Jeremy) 
5.7. Chair of Publications (David)
5.8. Registrar
5.9. On-site team coordinator

6. AOB

Closed portion of meeting

7. Role Assignments

7.1.  a. Chair
      b. Vice Chair
7.2.  Company Treasurer
7.3.  Company Secretary
7.4.  Honorary Secretary
7.5.  Minutes Secretary
7.6.  Programme coordinator
7.7.  Venue coordinator
7.8.  Registrar
7.9.  Venue search coordinator
7.10. Chair of Publications
7.12. Fundraising coordinator
7.13. Tech coordinator
7.14. 2 Bookkeepers
7.15. Membership Secretary